Auntie Zeituni’s got a book too!

And, it’s about being abused in America, or so says Howie Carr writing at the Boston Herald.

Readers will recall that in 2008 then candidate Obama’s long-lost dear Auntie from ‘Dreams from my Father’ fame was found living illegally (she had been ordered deported) in public housing in Boston.  A subsequent trial (where she had a hot shot lawyer) resulted in a grant of asylum in the US.  Now she has a tell-all book.   I really hope she addresses her previously reported anger at her nephew for leaving her out of White House family doings (I bet that is the elegant First Lady’s doing).

Here is Carr:

Auntie Zeituni has written a book. It’s called “Tears of Abuse,” on account of how tough she’s had it.

Have I read it? Of course not. Have you read her nephew’s best-seller — Dreams from My Ghostwriter, I mean Father? No one has — it’s sold millions of copies, but until two weeks ago, not a single reader got far enough into it to learn that Obama was a dog-eater with “composite” girlfriends.

Anyway, I have the press release on “Tears of Abuse,” which describes Auntie Zeituni’s journey to the United States “where she faces the unthinkable; failing health and quarantined in a hospital while on vacation in a foreign country.”

Vacation? Surely she meant to say “welfare.”

“As her story unfolds she becomes a resident of (a) homeless shelter and a subject of deportation.”

How dare they! Just because she’s an illegal alien, they want to deport her.

Carr is so funny, I didn’t know where to stop.  But, it’s unethical to post the whole piece, so please visit Carr’s column, here.   I might be tempted to read Auntie Z’s book to see if she has her version of events in sync with “Dreams from my father.”

Since we are on the subject of “Dreams…,” here is the answer to something I wondered about a few weeks ago when there was all the hoop-la about Obama eating dogs in Indonesia.  Muslims hate dogs—they are on the list of the ten most vile things on earth, right up there with dead bodies, feces and pigs.  So, I had been thinking that Muslims probably don’t eat them.  Here is a story from a couple of weeks ago by John Hinderaker at Powerline about Obama and dog-eating (hat tip:  Judy).  He ends his piece with this:

ONE MORE THING: Muslims don’t eat dogs. Barack Obama lived with a Muslim stepfather in a Muslim area of Indonesia. Dogs were not eaten there; presumably not in Obama’s Muslim household. So Obama’s claim in his autobiography that he ate dog in Indonesia may well be false–an error introduced by Bill Ayers or whoever actually wrote Obama’s autobiography. But it is way too late now for Obama to disavow the autobiography that he allegedly wrote.

San Diego: Somalis say no to another liquor store

From KPBS News:

There’s a corner of University Avenue in San Diego that’s home to a store called University Market. It’s also home to a Buddhist Temple, a mosque and an Islamic parochial school.

Ahmed Malinomar is leading the opposition to a liquor license for a store that’s right next to a mosque on University Avenue.

Due to intense pressure from Somalis, a local planning committee has already recommended that the license be denied.

He [the owner of the store who doesn’t want his name used] said he needs to sell alcohol, due to financial competition form many new Somali markets that have opened across the street and right next door to him. He said University Market has been a friend to San Diego Somalis, allowing members of the mosque to use the parking lot. Yet they have organized the opposition to his liquor license.

The question of the conditional use permit now goes before the San Diego Planning Commission. Islam forbids the use of alcoholic beverages, but Somalis I spoke with said that is not an issue in this debate.

Yeh sure!  Readers may recall that Somali cab drivers in Minnesota unsuccessfully tried to stop people from bringing even a closed bottle of liquor into their cabs.

By the way, we have a lot about San Diego Somalis, use our search function for more.

Minneapolis: Somalis protest at Wells Fargo Bank, joined by Latinos

Readers may recall that the US Government has stopped money transfers to the Horn of Africa for fear the funds (likely garnered through our welfare system) are getting into the hands of the Islamists.

From CBS Minnesota:

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Dozens of Somalis in the Twin Cities are being joined by members of the area’s Latino community to protest their inability to transfer money back home to their loved ones.

A group of protestors gathered at the Wells Fargo Bank at 6th and Marquette in Mineapolis, threatening to close their accounts due to the bank’s alleged failure to restart money transfers to their families back home.

Ibrahim Nsur of Minneapolis said he was part of the delegation trying to solve the problem earlier this year, but he was treated with disrespect by bank executives.

“When they sat down with us, they told us they are not interested in doing this business,” said Nsur. “They did not tell us the real reason.”

However, Wells Fargo regional spokesperson Peggy Gunn says the decision to stop transfers to Somali is due to U.S. Federal Government regulations, and that this had been explained to their customers.

So close your account.