NH Senate kills refugee moratorium bill; phony “grassroots” group organized

The New Hampshire on-again-off-again refugee resettlement moratorium bill is apparently dead for now.

Here is the short story from AP:

CONCORD, N.H.—The New Hampshire Senate has killed a bill that would have let cities and towns enact moratoriums of up to one year on allowing refugees to settle in their communities.

Manchester Mayor Ted Gatsas has pushed for the moratorium due to the demands for services on his city. The House had wanted to negotiate a compromise on the issue, but the Senate rejected that request Wednesday.

Scott Spradling, spokesman for Granite Staters for Strong Communities, praised the vote, saying lawmakers should focus instead on the economic, cultural and social benefits of refugee resettlement in New Hampshire.

For background and for new readers, search RRW for Manchester and you can catch up on the story.

“Grassroots” organize to defend refugee program

My interest this morning is in this Granite Staters for Strong Communities, a supposed grassroots group that sprang up spontaneously (I know stop laughing!) to defend the refugee program in New Hampshire!   Check out Scott Spradling—he runs a public relations firm and my first question is who paid him to start a phony-baloney “grassroots” group?  (Note that the AP reporter above knew to call the Lefty PR guy for a quote!) This is how the Left and people who have a financial (corporatist) interest in some government program operate—George Soros (and before him Saul Alinsky) taught them their tricks.  First, you set up a “group” and attract some naive people to join you and everyone thinks it is some spontaneous uprising of the ‘good’ people!

Here is a story I missed from last month at the Union Leader about the Granite Staters who want to flood New Hampshire with third-worlders (like the Rohingya Muslims I mentioned in my last post).

MANCHESTER — A group is forming in support of refugees who have come to New Hampshire through the federal resettlement program and are battling a proposal to allow communities to impose a 1-year ban on it.

Granite Staters for Strong Communities is still early in the formation stage. Spokesman Scott Spradling described it as a bipartisan coalition of business owners, concerned citizens, civic leaders and religious groups that hopes to raise public awareness about the issue, which has been the subject of debate of lawmakers in Concord.


Spradling said the group had about 50 members as of last week and is expected to decide on leadership roles soon.

Regardless of the committee’s position or a vote in the general Senate, Spradling said Granite Staters for Strong Communities expects the issue to come up again.

Besides Spradling (who is surely being paid for his work), the article mentions another person whose livelihood depends on the immigrant flow to New Hampshire—an immigration lawyer!   Oh sure, he doesn’t want NH to look racist!

George Bruno, a Manchester-based immigration attorney and member of the group, said he doesn’t want to see New Hampshire gain the same reputation as other states that have had highly-publicized anti-immigration efforts.

Not connected to Soros-funded group (or so they say)!

Bruno and Spradling said the group is focused on New Hampshire and not affiliated with the national “Welcoming America” initiative.

Don’t miss the comments to this story.  See especially what Jack Alex has to say (too long to post here).

Tip for you folks in NH—-you need to infiltrate this “grassroots” group!  Get some unknown people to join and report back on what they are doing.  Be sure to examine their incorporation docs (if they get that far) and their financial statements.   Be sure to note who benefits financially and politically from the importation of impoverished immigrants to NH.  Even more fun would be to start a blog and report their activities to the public!  Nothing like a little sunshine!

Rohingya connection to terrorist groups being searched here at RRW

Just an interesting bit of information I noticed yesterday in looking at our stats—-lots of people are looking at a 2009 post about the State Department having identified Burmese Rohingya people as being connected to Islamic terrorist groups.   For some reason that three-year-old post is getting a lot of attention.   Unfortunately, the State Department has removed the link for the terrorist group list.

There is another post in 2009 here that also mentions the Rohingya connection to Islamic extremists.

As I’ve mentioned before, we’ve written over 100 posts on the Rohingya, categorized here.  My primary interest over the years was whether we would bring Rohingya refugees to the US, but now that we are and no one is paying attention it doesn’t matter much (until something goes wrong!).

By the way, several of those testifying at the May 1 State Department meeting were pushing Rohingya resettlement, including Anastasia Brown, the US Conference of Catholic Bishops representative.

An afterthought:  I have New Hampshire on my mind (next post) and I wonder if NH got its contingent of Rohingya this past year?