The face of Lancaster, PA refugee resettlement

Only last week we had a widely read post about the problems in Lancaster, PA with an overload of refugees.   A commenter from Lancaster to the US State Department May 1 meeting said that Church World Service (CWS) was bringing thousands of refugees to Lancaster.   Then a commenter to that post said that was hogwash, there weren’t thousands being resettled in Lancaster.  But, here CWS tells us about the person responsible for resettling “thousands upon thousands” in her home town of Lancaster.

Not many people can claim to have resettled thousands upon thousands of refugees to their hometown – but Sheila McGeehan can.

Since she began her work with the Church World Service Immigration and Refugee Program (CWS/IRP) 25 years ago, she has introduced refugees from all around the world to Lancaster, Pa. – the “tranquil, prosperous, safe, pretty” city she loves.

In turn, newcomers from Russia, Vietnam, Sudan, Bhutan, Ethiopia, Burma, Bosnia, Iraq and numerous other countries have transformed this small city in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch Country into what McGeehan calls a “very cosmopolitan” community, population 55,000-plus.


“I don’t take credit.  This is a great area for resettlement, and it would have happened without me,” said McGeehan, Director of the CWS/IRP Lancaster Office.  “But it’s been very satisfying to contribute to making Lancaster more open and diverse.”


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Get ready for it! Next they will ask for us to resettle “refugees” from South Africa!

And, they don’t mean the persecuted white minority!

As I have written many times on these pages, the Rainbow Nation*, that supposed model for racial inclusion and socialist harmony is imploding.  Can you believe it!  They have xenophobia.  They can’t use the word racism because all those busy persecuting each other are various ethnic groups from around Africa.

I have written many posts on South Africa and how the flood gates (the borders) are open and people throughout destitute Africa are arriving in South Africa asking for asylum.  South Africans (blacks!) have reacted violently at times as they try to hold on to their country and their livelihoods in the wake of the tsunami of illegal aliens, the large majority of whom are economic migrants.

And, it is no wonder they are coming, here is what the African National Congress—the ruling party in the “model” nation—offers its people.  “There shall be peace and friendship!” (dammit!)

The Freedom Charter, which was adopted by the Congress of the People in 1955, remains the basic policy document of the ANC.

The Freedom Charter declares that:

* The people shall govern
* All national groups shall have equal rights
* The people shall share in the country`s wealth
* The land shall be shared among those who work it
* All shall be equal before the law
* All shall enjoy equal human rights
* There shall be work and security
* The doors of learning and culture shall be opened
* There shall be houses, security and comfort
* There shall be peace and friendship

Any idiot knows you can’t offer that and then expect people to respect your borders!

So are we now going to mop up the mess?   Are we going to use the Malta-model?

Ethiopian Community Development Council (one of nine major federal refugee contractors) plants the seeds for resettlement of South Africa’s illegal aliens.

At the May 1 US State Department hearing/meeting/scoping (whatever you want to call it), the Ethiopian Community Development Council said this (below) in their testimony (and they surely aren’t talking about the persecuted whites of South Africa who have begun to ask for asylum in the West).

Refugees in South Africa

In 2010 and 2011, South Africa received the most asylum application of any country in the world, according to UNHCR, with 107,000 asylum seekers registered in 2011.  The Consortium for Refugees and Migrants in South Africa (CoRMSA) reports that according to empirical estimates, the number of Zimbabweans alone in South Africa is between one to two million, though only a small percentage is legally recognized.  Other major asylum seeking and refugee populations in South Africa come from Angola, Burundi, Ethiopia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Rwanda, and Somalia.  Regardless of their status, all refugees in South Africa face serious life and livelihood-threatening issues tied to xenophobia and discrimination.  Though laws allow refugees to access basic services, in practice they are denied public health care, discriminated against by government institutions, and often face violence, including sexual and gender-based violence.  [How can that be! This is the rainbow nation, the socialist model for the world!—ed] Refugees are often located in areas where they share their poor socioeconomic status with local communities, and are therefore seen as competition for housing and work.  As a result, refugees live in poor conditions in informal housing, squatting in abandoned buildings, or have become homeless.  Additionally, refugees face difficulty with legal documentation, and UNHCR documents are often not recognized and provide little protection or legitimacy regarding work.

Watch for it!  They are priming the pump for us to take some of South Africa’s illegal population off its hands—after all, they have seen what we have done in Malta with the precedent-setting Malta model where we transform another country’s illegal aliens into refugees destined for the United States!   Speaking of which we have a new story this week about Africans (mostly single young Muslim men again!) who got to Malta and then were given their refugee ticket to your town!   For more on the Malta-model, use our search function for Malta, but here is one post that will give you some idea of what we have done.

*Search RRW for ‘rainbow nation’ for more on the situation with South Africa’s new form of apartheid.