Israel: Climate refugees are coming! Close the borders!

I can think of a lot more pressing reasons for Israel to close its borders, but climate change works.

I hadn’t seen any ‘climate refugee’ stories lately (but I kind of thought the “crisis” had gone away!).   This is a very worthwhile read from the Jerusalem Post in which the “deterioration” of Africa is discussed.   In the US, mainstream environmental advocates (so entwined with the hard Left) would never use saving the environment of the homeland (or saving the country!) as a reason to close the borders.


In order to combat increased waves of illegal migration that will likely accompany climate change, Israel must secure its borders through impassable barriers, including “sea fences” along the Mediterranean and Red Sea, experts have concluded.

“The lack of water, warming and sea level rise, even if it will occur on a different schedule, will bring migration movements from all impoverished regions to every place where it is possible to escape this,” wrote a team of academics, led by Prof. Arnon Soffer and Dr. Anton Berkovsky of the University of Haifa’s Geography Department.

The team’s conclusions appeared in just one “geo-strategy” chapter in a nearly 200-page report of recommendations toward adapting to climate change, submitted collectively by about 100 experts at the Israel Climate Change Knowledge Center to Environmental Protection Minister Gilad Erdan on Monday.

Be sure to let the snakes through!

Among its suggestions for how to handle the geo-strategic implications of climate change, the team led by Soffer called for a complete enclosure of Israel from all directions, including establishing sea fences along the Mediterranean and Red seas. In addition, the experts said that additional law enforcement will be required to deal with the ramifications of securing the Egyptian and Jordanian borders, as economic crisis might ensue for Negev Beduins who trade across these turfs. While securing Israel from all sides, however, the authorities must ensure for the safe passage of animals and plants.  [Snakes needing free passage are mentioned later in the article—ed].

“The migration wave is not a problem for the future. It is today, it is going on now,” Soffer told The Jerusalem Post on Monday evening. “It will just increase from day to day.”

Read the article.  There is some discussion about how European countries are ruthlessly turning back immigrants, but frankly I don’t see that.  Heck, just as one example, Africans are landing on Malta it seems every day—some are then being moved on to other European countries (here is one story about France giving the red carpet treatment to new French voters from Malta).