Fighting for turf in Africa

Every time I read one of these stories about Libya I wonder what the Obama Administration’s ‘refugee czarina’ Samantha Power is thinking now about her “responsibility to protect” doctrine.   How does that fit in with the horrific mess we are seeing in Africa in the wake of the Obama-endorsed Arab Spring?  Who are they protecting?—the African Islamist Arabs in their quest to control the continent to the detriment of black Africans?   Just watch! we will be bringing the Obama-created Chadian persecuted here soon!   Maybe that is what the responsibility to protect is all about—we help create turmoil and chaos and then it’s our responsibility to resettle the refugees!*

From Catholic Online*:

Refugees from many beleaguered African nations have found a temporary safe home in the Sahara desert. Located nearly 1,000 miles from the Mediterranean coast in Libya’s desolate southeast desert, the Kufra oasis strategically lays near the long and porous borders of Egypt, Sudan and Chad.

LOS ANGELES, CA (Catholic Online) – “The two main hubs are Kufra and Sabha in Libya,” Emmanuel Gignac, head of the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) in Libya says. “All West African migrants are going through Sabha via Chad or Niger, and those originating from the Horn of Africa are going through Sudan to Kufra. then either directly to Tripoli or Benghazi. Those are roughly the routes.”


Migrants continue to arrive at this lucrative smuggling point for people, weapons, drugs and fuel. Both tribes are said to have benefited from the trade.

In the isolated Saharan town Kufra, guards order a few hundred migrants lined up at a detention center to chant “Libya free, Chadians out”, before they kneel down for evening prayers.

They all want their own territory for their own people (what a novel idea!)

Many dark-skinned Africans are suspected of having been mercenary fighters for Gaddafi during last year’s conflict. They risk imprisonment by Libyan militias and possible torture.

The conflict is uniquely local in Kufra. Members of the predominant Arab Zwai tribe accuse many of the marginalized, dark-skinned Tabu, who joined the uprising against Gaddafi of being from Chad and intent on establishing a regional homeland and resource monopoly.

* And, the US Conference of Catholic Bishops will be only too happy to help resettle them (for a fee) to your town!