Abilene, TX: Case dismissed in African refugee translator sex case

African refugee witnesses got cold feet, were “terrified” to testify against Burundian man.

Diversity is beautiful update!  We first reported the arrest of Aloys Nzeyimana here in 2010.  I made a point then of mentioning that the man’s nationality was not published, but from this report we know now he is from Burundi.

Aloys Nzeyimana walks!

From ReporterNews Abilene:

The case involving a former interpreter who was charged with one count of indecency with a child, two counts of sexual assault and one count of burglary was dismissed Monday due to the lack of cooperation of witnesses and alleged victims with the district attorney’s office.

As it stands right now, Aloys Nzeyimana, a native of Burundi in central Africa, is not charged with anything. When he was first arrested in December 2010, Nzeyimana was a translator for the Abilene-Taylor County Public Health District, working mostly with African refugees.

He speaks English, French and Russian in addition to three African languages. Nzeyimana’s trial was supposed to have started Monday.

“We knew there would be an issue with the refugee community (in Abilene) because they sort of have an inherent distrust of authority coming from their background in their home countries, so we knew it would be a difficult case,” Taylor County Assistant District Attorney Dan Joiner said Monday. “But the (Abilene) police did a very good job and spent many, many hours talking with them, but we knew that when it came to trial, there’s going to be an issue of the alleged victims coming forward.”

Everyone is too “terrified” to testify.  Here is another report, this time from Big Country, where a reporter tries in vain to get someone to talk—most pretend they don’t understand English.

For new readers!  Texas is the second largest refugee “welcoming” state after California.  From 2007-2013, they “welcomed” over 40,000 refugees to the Red state that the Left is attempting to turn Blue, here, through demographic change.  Click here to have a look at where your state ranks.

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