Comments worth noting: Somali-America woman discusses Somali colonization

Comments worth noting is our category to highlight comments that come from readers which we think are of significant interest and fear you might not see them otherwise when buried as simply a comment to a post.   A Somali woman (name withheld at her request) has written to us on several occasions.  We assume she is a Somali living in the US (or possibly Canada), but some Muslim readers have angrily denounced her and say that she is not Somali.   We take her at her word.

These are comments she made to my post on the Indians coming across the Mexican border.  The comments came before I wrote the previous post on failed state colonization.

Expanding the notion of Greater Somalia, she says:

Trust its a big business its silly for you to assume that Somalis are illiterate, Lol! Most Somalis speak at least 3-5 languages which includes Somali, Arabic, English, French, or Italian. Look at Somali intellectuals and Somalis who have achieved in the modelling industry or even Ayan Hirsi Ali herself they speak at least 4 languages. Remember Ayan Hirsi Ali has actually lied to get in the Netherlands and lied to get her papers, and she wasn’t even discovered till much later and she was an MP for the Dutch government. Most Somalis are business men and entrepreneurs look at what they have done to Kenya and South Africa (though not welcome there, they have extra security). They took over all the businesses in major towns and cities such as Eastleigh and Nairobi, native Kenyans feel like they’re living in a foriegn country. They are bying land in Kenya and buying off many things and settling, since most Somalis come from an extremly large family (the average Somali immediate family is 10 children, imagine including that with uncles, aunts, cousins, and other relatives) which is clear colonialization! The most recent census of the Somali birth rate and fertility in the CIA Factbook was 6.9 per woman however the number is higher it should be 8.9, and the mortality rate in Somalia is 15% which is actually lower than thought by most. Outside of Somalia which is obviously better is probably 3%. Kenyans are being driven from their country and the main driving force is the Greater Somalia which is an ideology that is 150 years set to unify all Somali historical lands under Somalia which includes most of East Africa. The updated version of this is that this includes all lands that Somalis inhabit which includes various parts of the world.

Biting the hand that feeds them

The Canadian border is very unsafe for the simple fact that it has no wall, no gaurds like the Mexican-U.S border criminals cross the border running from the death penalty in the US, so of course illegal immigrants and terrorists can cross and probably have crossed. If the Mexican-US border is unsafe and unsecure which actually has border patrol and a wall unlike Canada, Canada is nothing it is the most unprotected border in the world! The fact that Somalis are known for biting the hand that feeds them around the world should a ring bell in any American person’s head ding ding ding!

The other fact is that most Somalis are inclusive, work together collectively instead of individually pulling money together for their own interests despite living in America, Canada, Britain, Australia, New Zealand, and any other Western or even Middle Eastern country. And also this is the main tactic that Somalis to migrate to places, is that one or two families settle in a completly new area where there are basically no Somalis around and when they think of this place as welcoming and good they call other Somalis and tell them about the place and all of a sudden there are hundreds of them and more will soon follow. Sometimes they might call Somali males and tell them, if they come here they will offer them their daughter or there are good wives here to marry and then in a few days after the marriage the girl is pregnant. Tuulas are turning into bustling Somalis where natives whether White, African, Asian will become minorities in their own land without them even knowing.

I asked how do Somalis get the money to travel across the world and then come to our border and ask for asylum:

The money comes from family members living in the West, Somalis have developed a very sophisticated money transfer/laundering system known as the “Xawalah” in Somali or Hawalah. This system is established in every Somali community around the world whether in Western countries or otherwise. My mom used to use it to send the money to my grandparents and other relatives living in Africa and the Middle East. So where the money comes from isn’t a question at all. However there are also other ways which include fundraising in mosques and charities. In case you don’t know in Africa, Somalis are called “the theives of Africa” they work in cohesive, collective, and inclusive groups helping each other while sucking the system dry.

Greater Somalia is anywhere

You should look into the ideology of Greater Somalia:
However this is an ideology which existed for 150 years and the more updated version is that Greater Somalia is any place where Somalis inhabit that includes the places where Somalis inhabit in great numbers.

Failed state colonization is the greatest threat of our time….

…..and successful states are aiding and abetting the colonization.

That is the thesis presented in an essay by blogger Daniel Greenfield (Sultan Knish).  Thanks to Lynn for sending it.

Here are some bits of Mr. Greenfield’s piece, but I urge all of you to visit Sultan Knish for the whole treatise.  Next, I’ll post a few comments from our reader Khadra from arguably the world’s most famous failed state—Somalia.


Failed State Colonization is the greatest threat of our time. It marks a major shift from the old era of colonization where successful states colonized unsuccessful ones. Now failed states are colonizing successful ones. Failed states have become a global plague through their population migrations, which spread terrorism, crime and bankrupt the social systems of successful states. And as the migration wave continues FSC is turning formerly successful states into failed states.

High immigrant birth rates are a weapon

Failed states have higher birth rates and stronger group loyalties. That combination weaponizes their migrations into successful states with lower birth rates and weak group loyalties into a takeover. Failed State Colonization uses the disunity, tolerance and democracy of successful states to destroy them from the inside. It’s not always a conscious act, but that doesn’t make it any less destructive.

Borderless world goal is b.s.

Liberal immigration advocates cheer the destruction of our worthless culture as they look forward to a world state without borders. But there will be no world state without borders because the only people who believe in such a thing are wiping themselves out by importing migratory populations that don’t think nationalism and patriotism are evils. Muslim and Mexican immigrants are not ashamed of their history. They don’t think borders are a bad idea, so long as they’re the ones who control where those borders are set. The left is destroying the West, but it is only the West that ever believed in a world without borders.

Failed state populations bring their culture with them

The greatest error of immigration advocates is the failure to understand that immigration does not just import a population raw for the mixing, but entire cultures with their own political culture. The migrating population of a dominant state imports its culture. The very element that made it into a failed state.

Attempts by successful states to ‘save’ failed states leads to more colonization of the successful state

Successful states attempt to avert the catastrophe by trying to police failed states, sending planes to bomb Libya to keep the migrants out, trying to shore up the Mexican government with aid and advisers. But those are all dead ends that lead to further entanglement and migration. American efforts in Somalia, Iraq and Yugoslavia have accomplished one indisputable thing. They have increased the numbers of Muslim immigrants coming from those countries. Practicing Nation Building on failed states won’t stop them from colonizing us. It only accelerates the process.

Greenfield: no gradual decline, just a fall

Failed State Colonization is the greatest threat of our time, but it too is a symptom of the intellectual failures of the successful states. As failed states continue their prolonged collapse, they send out migrant populations which accelerate the collapse of the formerly successful states. This colonization means there will be no gradual decline. That we will not sink into the sunset like Japan, instead we will be brutally overrun. There will be no decline, but a fall.

Read it all.

US Law Schools getting into the act and helping Iraqis get to the US

She got an idea, found a friend to go to Jordan with her and now runs a new legal aid business helping Iraqis convince the US State Department and Homeland Security that Iraqi clients need to get to the US.

From Connecticut Law Tribune:

It started at Yale Law School

So then Heller and a Yale Law School classmate, Jonathan Finer, decided the next semester to start the Iraqi Refugee Assistance Project to help Iraqi citizens on the run gain official refugee status either in America or in another country.

They were onto something.

IRAP is the only such project in America devoted to helping refugee Iraqi’s settle elsewhere, and roughly 100 Yale law students volunteered that first year.

Now there are ten Law Schools involved

Heller never imagined how fast the project would grow. Already 10 other law schools, including New York University, University of California-Berkeley and the University of Pennsylvania, have started taking on cases. Two more law schools will start up in the fall.

At Yale, students can participate in the project through a seminar. During the academic year, Heller commutes to New Haven from New York City once a week to teach alongside clinical professor Michael Wishnie.

Through fellowship and grant funds, Heller opened a main office for IRAP last year at the Urban Justice Center in New York City. She hopes additional funds would allow her to hire a full-time staff attorney in addition to herself.

Heller estimates volunteer supervising attorneys and students have donated $2.4 million worth of legal help. Project volunteers help prepare visa applications, submit appeals, and try to successfully negotiate the resettlement process, an intimidating process for the Iraqi’s.

Helping them prove their persecution claim

The father, who had been kidnapped and tortured, fled Iraq and found a temporary haven in Jordan. But the family had trouble proving it had been persecuted, and its initial application for U.S. refugee status was denied.

Homeland Security relented when the daughter got sick

But the daughter had health problems, and that turned into a silver lining. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security relented after the girl had a series of epileptic seizures. Once the family won their appeal, IRAP got the girl free medical treatment with a local neurologist.

Makes me wonder how all this works with the International Organization for Migration which has a federal contract to do this same work in Jordan?