Will it be Malians next?

I’m beginning to see a pattern.  Some conflict (these days largely instigated by Muslims, by Jihadists) ensues, government collapses, US sticks its nose in (think Bosnia),  US State Department “welcomes” the refugees created by the conflict, American resettlement contractors get lots of money to resettle them in your towns, they need jobs (meatpackers rejoice!) and social services which you pay for, eventually the conflict ends (think Afghanistan), we stabilize relations (think Somalia), and the refugees go home!  Not!  They don’t go home.  They stay and become Democrat voters.

I have nothing further to say except that I guess it’s time for yet another google alert—refugees Mali— but I do want to save two links here for future reference.  One is the State Department briefing today on Africa, here.  And, the other is this very amusingly written bit in the Washington Post entitled the “9 questions about Mali you were too embarrassed to ask.”(great music there before the Islamists banned it.)

I have a sinking feeling we will be hearing a lot more about Mali in the weeks and months ahead, and my fervent hope is that Obama isn’t going to turn that country over to the “rebels” as he did Egypt and Libya.

Canada: We will take another 5000 Iraqis and Iranians from Turkey, chosen by UN

To ease the burden on poor Turkey!  Oh brother!

From Canadavisa.com:

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has announced plans to resettle up to 5,000 Iranian and Iraqi refugees, presently in Turkey, by 2018. Citing “escalating violence in the region,” Immigration Minister Jason Kenney outlined his government’s intention to “help Turkey deal with this growing pressure.” He also commended the government of Turkey “for keeping her borders open to those fleeing the ongoing conflict in the region.”

It is expected that this undertaking will help ease the existing burden on Turkey, freeing up the Turkish government’s resources to deal with the current influx of Syrians seeking protection in the country. [Watch for it!  Canada will eventually be taking the Syrians too—ed]

Minister Kenney reaffirmed Canada’s commitment to its 2009 and 2010 pledges of resettling 20,000 Iraqi refugees. To date, it has resettled 12,000, most of them from Syria. 

Most of the refugees will be referred by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) for resettlement.

Canada is one of a few countries operating a resettlement program out of Turkey, and is second only to the United States as a destination for refugees from the region.

Two bigwigs arrested in Somali human trafficking ring in Nairobi; helped illegal migrants get to Malta (and US)

This story not only involves bigwigs, but is so big it should be reported on the front page of the New York Times. Maybe a follow-up is due to their previous superficial reporting on Malta.

For years I’ve been writing about how the tiny island nation of Malta has been besieged by illegal Africans trying to get to Europe and beyond.  The ‘beyond’ includes the United States!  Aided by the Catholic Church, the US State Department (started in the Bush Administration) has made it a priority to transform illegal migrants on Malta into legitimate “refugees” destined for your towns.   I have literally over a hundred posts here on the disgusting and frankly illegal business.  (Type ‘Malta’ into our search function for 5 years of history).

Here is the story that I first saw at Horseed Media, but is from Malta Today (yesterday) with this headline:

Italian diplomat, WFP collaborator among 55 arrested for trafficking Somalis to Malta

Italian police arrest 55, including Italian diplomat at Nairobi embassy in connection with a criminal organisation which has diverted Somali migrants to Malta.

Italian police have said that they have dealt a strong blow to two criminal organisations which profiteered from trafficking Somali nationals from Libya to Malta over the past months.

Nabbed were a cultural attache at the Italian embassy and a worker for the World Food Programme (UN of course)!

The investigations – reportedly held in conjunction with Maltese authorities – led to the arrest at dawn of 55 people, including Hussein Mohamed Abdurahman, nicknamed ‘Banjè’, the cultural attaché at the Italian embassy in Nairobi, Kenya, and Mohamed Sheik Ali Bashir a World Food Programme Collaborator.

The organisations, said to have branches in Kenya and Italy, took care of coordinating the Somali nationals movements from the horn of Africa towards Libya, and later organised their clandestine trips to Malta and also to Greece.

The organisations also saw to providing hundreds of Somalis with false documents to later abscond from Malta and make their way to Italy, and further North in Europe. [and to the US–ed]

In raids which involved 200 officers, arrests were made in Rome, Milan, Turin, Florence, Prato, Bergamo, Cuneo and Naples.

Other raids are said to be ongoing this morning in Norway, Sweden and Finland.

Another 23 people have meanwhile been notified to have been placed under investigation by the Italian authorities for their secondary role in assisting the Somali migrants, by providing them logistical support.

Further investigations are ongoing in Ragusa, Sicily – another known landing point for migrants fleeing Libya after Malta.

According to a spokesman, the investigations were coordinated by Eurojust, and Europol.

Hundreds and hundreds of these Somali illegal aliens (mostly young men!) trafficked to Malta through Obama’s Libya are now in your towns in America!