Maryland readers of RRW might be interested in MD CAN conference

Update January 10th:  Controversy brewing.  CAIR bullies speakers, here.

We won’t be talking about refugees, but we will hear from speakers on the issue of blogging and free speech, immigration generally, national security, and Obama’s war on the suburbs and much more at the Maryland Conservative Action Network conference (Turning the Tides 2013) on Saturday, January 12th in Annapolis, MD.

I’ve been involved in the planning and so my posts might drop off here at RRW later in the week.  Check out the website and if you are a reader in Maryland or DC or anywhere nearby this is your chance to hear speakers such as Pamela Geller (Atlas Shrugs), Diana West, Stanley Kurtz and Tom Fitton (Judicial Watch) among many others.

Click here for the program and how to register.