Darn! We missed the Catholic Bishops’ National Migration Week

Your tax dollars

January 6th to the 12th was the big week when the US Conference of Catholic Bishops ginned up its pro-amnesty political indoctrination campaign with National Migration Week.

Mind you, the Bishops can pressure the Catholic flock however they wish, it’s a free country (for now!), but it’s when they take taxpayer money to do their “charitable” and political work then it becomes every taxpayer’s business.

Before you read the excellent discussion of their latest parishioner indoctrination campaign by Dominique Peridans at the Center for Immigration Studies please visit this comprehensive review of the Bishops finances by Thomas Allen at VDARE.


….in fact USCCB independently raises only about 2% (two percent) of its $72.1 million total revenues. The rest comes from contracts, grants and earnings from federal programs.

Also, we have written extensively here (see our archive!) over the years about the USCCB as one of the top nine federal contractors resettling refugees to your towns (and their lobbying for other issues as well, including global warming) while feeding from the federal trough.

Peridans at CIS:

Ecclesiastes offers a rather honest and blunt appraisal of human life, and seeks to articulate basic human truths. Chapter 1, verse 9 of the book in the Hebrew Bible reads “What has been, that will be; what has been done, that will be done. Nothing is new under the sun!” Now, human truth, if indeed truth, is trans-situational, that is to say, can be applied to host of situations.

The situation in this case to which this truth can be applied is that of National Migration Week (January 6-12), sponsored by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops through its Migration and Refugee Services Offices. I perused the promotional materials, almost naively hoping to find a few nuggets of newness, some refreshing insight, a slightly more holistic perspective being put forth. “Nothing is new under the sun” here.

In fact, it is striking to read how the American Catholic Church’s pastoral proposals regarding immigrants display how hardened the Church’s “official position” is becoming: presented as a given. There is no acknowledgment whatsoever that the issue is complex and there is no margin of freedom granted to the laity to discern varying responses to the issue.

Against the spiritually magnificent, yet concretely vague backdrop of “welcoming Christ in the stranger” (drawn from Christ’s own exhortation in Matthew 25:35), the document restates the American Catholic Church’s presumption that any perspective different from that which it articulates is characterized by in-hospitality. The document then invites the reader to labor for a “conversion of hearts and minds” in those who hold these differing perspectives.

To what one must convert? Comprehensive immigration reform. In this campaign (and beyond it), the bishops hope to help Catholics at the parochial level to enact local expressions of such reform and to incite Catholics at the national level to promote such reform.

Bishops:  Border enforcement is “meanness.”

Not only are the bishops very concrete and very specific in their proposals, they are unabashedly political. They are in the business of a “broad legalization program”. In their minds, charity can only and must work this way. An enforcement-only approach (which no one is really proposing, but which they confuse with an enforcement-first approach) they decry as antithetical to charity – and, according to their expertise, a failure. So much money is being devoted to meanness!

There is more!  Read it all.

Kenya trying to save itself from being overrun, labeled “xenophobic”

What do you expect.   If you want to save your country from being wiped out by Islamists and hordes of migrants you are “xenophobic” in the eyes of “human rights” agitators and the Washington Post.   By the way “xenophobic” is their choice of words in Africa when they can’t use the word “racist” (duh! everyone involved is black)!

After many violent attacks on Kenyans by militant Islamists, the Kenyan government ordered all Somali “refugees” and illegal aliens back to camps and out of Kenyan cities.   I told you what Kenya had done last month, here.

Here is the latest from AP at the WaPo (headline!  “Xenophobic attacks increasing“):

NAIROBI, Kenya — Human rights activists say Somalis in Kenya are facing increased attacks from gangs and harassment from the police since the government issued an order that all Somali refugees should return to a camp.

Ten rights groups Tuesday said in a statement that since the December 18 announcement criminal gangs have aggravated xenophobic attitudes toward genuine Somali refugees and asylum seekers seeking protection from persecution and conflict in their home country.

Kenya announced the new, more stringent controls aimed primarily at Somali refugees inside its borders after enduring months of explosive attacks blamed on the Somali Islamist extremist group al-Shabab.

Of course no mention of the fact that SOMALIA’S NEW PRESIDENT TOLD ALL SOMALIS TO COME HOME!  There should no longer be any reason for Somalis to run to Kenya or anywhere else (Obama and Hillary have given their blessings to the new government in Somalia!).