Oh no! Call for Temporary Protected Status for Malians

I was only kidding the other day (only 4 days ago!) when I asked how long it would be before the push would begin for refugees from Mali.  I didn’t expect it to happen this fast—a call for temporary “refugee” status for any Malians in the US already whether here legally or illegally.

Got a hurricane, an earthquake or Al-Qaeda and the clamor begins, and once granted “temporary” refugee status they never go home!  Just ask the Salvadorans or the Liberians or the Somalis or the Haitians.  And, no matter what administration is running Washington the temporary refuge becomes permanent.

Here is the “call to action” from the United African Organization (LOL! from Africa, no from Illinois!):

Dear concerned global citizens, get involved and support TEMPORARY PROTECTED STATUS for Mali! Over the last ten months, the situation in northern Mali has escalated, with the resignation of the Prime Minister and the inability of the government to respond appropriately to the destructive armed insurgency. Over 350,000 people have been displaced and many are unable to meet their basic needs as they struggle to recover from forced evacuations as well as the remnants of a severe drought earlier in 2012. Given the current situation, deporting hundreds of Malians from the United States would only exacerbate this volatile climate and needlessly place people perilous in situations.

Temporary protected status (TPS) designation for Mali would protect those Malians in the US that need stability until the violence and conflict in their home country subside. TPS would allow those who are eligible to live, work, and study in the United States until it is safe for them to return home. In addition, TPS would enable Malians to provide support and aid to their families and communities, offering relief to those affected.

You can make a difference by calling the Secretary of DHS, Janet Napolitano, at 202-282-8000 or find your local representative by clicking here: find your local representative. You can also send the White House a letter here.

They are so predictable!

Norquist goes to Kansas, dresses down Secretary of State Kobach on immigration

Editors note:  This post is cross-posted from my other blog Potomac Tea Party Report.  Although Norquist is opposing Secretary of State Kris Kobach’s efforts largely related to illegal immigration, it raises questions related to refugee resettlement as well.   Kansas is a prime destination target for refugee labor (mostly needed by meatpackers), so one wonders how they could be short of low-wage workers in Kansas. One would think that Kobach’s proposed bill would not in any way affect the legal immigrants other than to keep their wages up.  So, I’ll bet that the big money behind Norquist’s visit to the state is coming from the meatpacking giants (more available laborers=lower wages).

And, one more thing!    I have pages and pages of posts here on immigrant problems in Kansas. One of my favorites is the demand by Muslims in Garden City, KS (a meatpacking town) for their own publicly funded Muslim cemetery (see no assimilation even in death!)

Potomac Tea Party Report:

I know I am putting energy elsewhere these days [focusing more on refugees], but some things I can’t let go!  This is one.  I have a massive archive now on Grover Norquist and want to be sure it’s up-to-date.

It seems that Norquist was recently invited to Kansas to gin up the industry base (those looking for plentiful cheap labor) to oppose Secretary of State Kris Kobach’s efforts to get an Arizona-like law in place in Kansas.  Some of you may have met Kobach in Frederick, MD in May 2011, here.

Before I tell you more about Norquist’s trip to Kansas, please see just a few of our previous posts on Norquist, friend of Islamists.  See what Rep. Frank Wolf said about him on the House floor in 2011, here.   See what Pamela Geller (in Maryland last week, btw) said about him here.  From that 2010 post:

Pamela Geller (Atlas Shrugs) has written an incredible expose today at American Thinker about Grover Norquist, Americans for Tax Reform, charging that he has for more than a decade helped Islamic supremacists get positions of power in Washington.   She goes on to warn Tea Party activists that he is working to keep the Tea Party movement silent on issues involving national security and the war on terror.

And, who can forget that Norquist told Soros’ “Think Progress” that Shariah law was compatible with the US Constitution here in 2011.

For ambitious readers, here is our complete Grover Norquist archive.

Now back to Kansas.

From America’s Voice*, an open borders website, funded by George Soros, that has a new hero—Norquist!  (Emphasis below is mine)

Poor Kris Kobach.  It’s one thing to be maligned by people you hate and believe should self-deport, but it’s another thing to be called out by those who are supposed to be your friends.

Last week we wrote about how Kobach, the architect of state anti-immigrant laws like Arizona’s SB 1070 and Alabama’s HB 56, is determined to bring a similarly destructive law to Kansas.  The Kansas Business Coalition for Immigration Reform—which includes groups like the Kansas Chamber, Kansas Livestock Association, Kansas Farm Bureau, and restaurant, construction, and agriculture groups—was alarmed at what Kobach’s legislation could mean for the economic climate in the state, and sponsored anti-tax crusader Grover Norquist to come to the state and give Kobach a dressing-down.

Read it all!

I can only guess that now that Norquist’s tax fighting image has been so tarnished by pledge defectors that he is moving on to other areas (immigration!) where he might wield power.   I believe Norquist’s open borders goal isn’t to help the farmer milking cows and wanting cheap labor, it’s about getting his Muslim friends into the US.  Kobach stands in his way.

*See America’s Voice entire profile here at Discover the Networks.

Mali: Muslim “rebels” creating more refugees on the move in Africa

Here we go again (from StarAfrica.com):

A statement from the UNHCR quoted its spokesperson Melissa Fleming during a news briefing in Geneva on Friday as saying that a further 700 000 people may be displaced by the fresh wave of violence to hit the landlocked West African country as a foreign intervention force engage the rebels who have been in control of northern Mali since April 2012.

“We believe there could be in the near future an additional 300,000 displaced inside Mali and up to 400 000 additional displaced people in neighbouring countries as a result of the unrest” Fleming remarked.

According to her horrific, accounts of amputations and executions have been reported in Islamist-controlled regions of Mali, with claims suggesting that some civilians were being lured with large sums of money to defend the territories from the onslaught by Malian troops backed by French ground forces and airstrikes.

She also said there were reports of children fighting within the ranks of the rebels who continue to put up stiff resistance against intervention forces.

Close to 200, 000 displaced Malians have fled to neighbouring Mauritania, Niger, Burkina Faso and Algeria since the conflict began in March 2012 with over 300, 000 more internally displaced.

Will Samantha Power and her “responsibility to protect” get us into this conflict too?