African store owner in Flint, MI gets 51-month prison sentence

You are probably thinking, that’s all!  Fifty-one months for ripping off the federal taxpayer to the tune of $612,000 in two years.  Honestly readers, that is a long sentence for convictions involving trafficking in food stamps.  Many of these guys (and women!) are released in 18 months.  And, I have yet to see one report of anyone being deported after doing time in the slammer.

And, heck, we just had a story here in December in which we were told that many of the food stamp fraudsters had a previous criminal record and were still allowed to set up convenience store businesses that trade in food stamps. That is the case for this guy Noha Fofana!

Back in August of last year, I first reported on Noha Fofana who had a previous record for visa fraud and immigration fraud, read all about it here.

Now this is the latest from the FBI on Fofana’s sentencing:

A 55-year-old Flint man was sentenced to more than four years in prison and more than $600,000 in restitution on January 8, 2013, for conspiring to commit food stamp fraud, U.S. Attorney Barbara L. McQuade announced today.

McQuade was joined in the announcement by Joe N. Smith, Special Agent in Charge of USDA-Office of Inspector General, and Robert D. Foley, III, Special Agent in Charge of the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Detroit.

U.S. District Judge Mark A. Goldsmith sentenced Noha T. Fofana to 51 months in federal prison, to be followed by a three-year term of supervised release. Fofana was also ordered to pay $612,980.96 in restitution to the USDA-Food and Nutrition Service. This amount is to be paid jointly and severally with Fofana’s co-defendant, Akhir K. McFarland, who was sentenced on December 18, 2012, to 16 months in federal prison for his participation in the conspiracy.

Evidence introduced during the trial established that Fofana, the owner of Mandingo African Market, redeemed more than $750,000 in food stamp benefits from February 2009 to July 2011, approximately $612,000 of which was obtained utilizing fraudulent “food stamps-for-cash” exchanges. The U.S. Department of Agriculture-Office of Inspector General (USDA-OIG), which funds the food stamp program, calculated that during that same time period, Mandingo’s average food stamp redemption amount was $26,798 per month—compared to an average of $5,479 monthly redemption for other convenience stores in the area.

For new readers, if you are wondering why I write about immigrant food stamp fraud cases here at RRW, it’s because no one else does and it has become a side hobby for me.  And, besides, most of these stores are in communities where large numbers of immigrants have been “welcomed” and are on food stamps.  This is the redistribution of wealth straight up!—your tax dollars to the crooks!  And, the crooks include those who SELL their benefits for cash.

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Thailand trying to save itself from economic and cultural ruin by deporting Rohingya Muslims

Update January 15th:  The UN putting the screws to Thai government, here.

Well, that isn’t the title all of the mainstream media news accounts use (or any of them use!) to describe the recent discovery of 400 illegal migrant Rohingya being held by traffickers in Southern Thailand.  The usual title of the story sounds like this “Evil,  mean, xenophobic, racist, Islamophobic Thai government deporting poor starving souls, says Human Rights group.”  (My exaggeration of course).

Here is the story all over the news today (not FOX News).  This version from AFP (emphasis mine):

BANGKOK — Around 400 Rohingya migrants discovered in a raid on a camp hidden in a remote rubber plantation in southern Thailand will be deported back to Myanmar, Thai police said on Friday.

The group, 378 men, 11 women and 12 children, were found in a makeshift shelter in the plantation in Songkhla province where they had languished for three months waiting to be trafficked to a “third country”, local police said.

Acting on a tip-off officials stormed the shelter on Thursday and found the Rohingya, a Muslim minority group not recognised as citizens in Myanmar who have fled sectarian unrest in their thousands to Thailand and other countries.

“They are now waiting for deportation which will be done by Thailand’s immigration police,” Lieutenant Colonel Katika Jitbanjong of Padang Besar local police told AFP.

“They told officials that they had volunteered to come (to Thailand),” he said, adding police were seeking an arrest warrant for the Thai landowner on charges of human trafficking and sheltering illegal migrants.

Rights groups decry Thailand for failing to help Rohingya migrants who reach its territory, instead pushing them back to Myanmar or on to neighbouring countries including Malaysia, which offers sanctuary to the minority.

EVERYONE knows that if they are allowed to stay, tens of thousands will follow them to Thailand.

For more on Rohingya refugees (who are being resettled in small numbers in the US) visit our Rohingya Reports category.   This is post 132 in that category.  And, LOL!, if I ever write a book on Refugee Resettlement, the Rohingya will be used as my primary example of how the “humanitarian” industry builds a public relations campaign for massive resettlement.  I wasn’t around for the start of our Somali mass migration to America, but I bet it went just like the Rohingya case is now going.

And, don’t forget, find a copy of the Trojan Horse—the Islamic doctrine of immigration—and read it!