Rohingya Muslims warmly welcomed in terrorist-ridden southern Thailand….

….and the Saudis are hypocrites!

Nobody wants Rohingya Muslims (except of course the US Conference of Catholic Bishops), least of all the Thai government that fears they are arriving on their shores to add to the already aggressive Islamist population in Thailand’s southern provinces, so why they sent a bunch of the recent Rohingya “asylum seekers” to the troubled south is beyond me.

Here is the story from The Irrawady a few days ago:

PATTANI, Thailand — The three conflict-ridden provinces of Thailand’s Deep South are not a popular destination for many visitors. A renewed and intensifying insurgency, which has killed more than 5,300 people since 2004, provides a daily diet of military check-points, assassinations and bombings.

But for Sakir Husan, 18, and other ethnic Rohingya fleeing sectarian violence in Burma’s Arakan State, the region is proving a welcome escape from the nightmares of their lives back home. Husan is part of a 22-strong group—18 men and four women—currently being housed in the capital of Pattani Province since Jan. 16.

They are among hundreds of Rohingya who have landed on the shores of southern Thailand this month and then been dispersed across the country by the authorities. But in contrast to the frosty reception Rohingya have often received from the Thai state, which has been criticized by human rights groups for previously returning them to sea or overland to Burma, the group in Pattani has received the warmest of welcomes from the local—predominantly Malay-Muslim—population.

No surprise that—Muslim charity to fellow Muslims is well-known, or is it?

Saudi racists!  Saudi Arabia takes NO refugees!

We have reported on many occasions that Rohingya refugees have been imprisoned in Saudi Arabia, here.  Somali refugees who get through Saudi Arabia’s state of the art border fence are immediately flown back to Somalia, here.  And, Saudi Arabia refused to give refuge to any Iraqis at the height of the war, here.   They want no foreigners to become part of their culture—they want NO diversity in Saudi Arabia!

And, yet they have the audacity to write sanctimonious op-eds lecturing other countries (Thailand!) about their treatment of Rohingya!

I guess this is Taqiyya straight up!  From Saudi Arabia’s Arab News:

Refugees are a nuisance. That is a reality. Settled, stable communities around the world that find themselves hosting frightened and traumatized people, with little more than the clothes they stand up in, often with limited understanding of the language and culture of the land to which they have fled, can pose a threat to public order. They will inevitably disrupt the lives of the people in whose world they have arrived.

Yet the challenge posed by refugees cannot be ignored. They are vulnerable, pauperized and afraid. Common humanity dictates that a society which finds itself hosting people driven into exile, must do its best to take care of them. Along with their government, they must be prepared to extend shelter, concern and friendship to refugees.

And by and large, this is what has been seen. Turks, Jordanians and Lebanese have been prepared to do what they can to assist those who have fled from Assad’s monstrous repression in Syria. [But not so Saudi-Arabia—-ed]   However there have been some deplorable exceptions to this generous behavior. One of the most unforgivable has been taking place in Thailand, with the treatment of Muslim Rohingya who have fled bloody persecution by Myanmar’s Buddhist majority. To escape the massacres, which the Burmese police and military seem to be doing little to stop, let alone investigate, thousands of Rohingya have taken to flimsy, overcrowded boats in an attempt to reach the friendlier and more welcoming shores of Malaysia.

The nerve of these Saudis!

The Obama Administration and the UN should demand that rich Saudi Arabia help with the hundreds of thousands of “homeless” Muslims roaming the world by resettling them there in Saudi Arabia (when pigs fly!).

For new readers:  We have 132 previous posts on the Rohingya issue going back five years.  Our interest is that their migration is a study in how a Muslim population spreads and how the media helps the Islamists (Saudi Arabia for one!) build a case of VICTIMHOOD.  You watch, they are already being resettled in the West and in the US, it won’t be long before a full blown howl begins that we need to resettle them in larger numbers.   We weren’t around for the drumbeat on Somalis, but now we have chronicled the build-up on the Rohingya (for what it is worth!).