Gotta stop those Muslims from trying to get across the border!

What country has had it with Muslims sneaking across their borders—no not Norway, the UK, or Canada.  Of course not!  It’s Saudi Arabia that is now bombing a buffer zone along its border to stop those riff-raff Shiite Muslims from coming into their superior and wealthy Sunni Muslim nation.   What was it that the UN High Commissioner for Refugees said about beautiful and historic Muslim charity?  From the Associated Press via the Chicago Tribune:

SAN’A, Yemen (AP) — Saudi Arabia is trying to set up a buffer zone inside Yemen after its week-long offensive against the Yemeni Shiite insurgents along the border, a rebel spokesman said Wednesday.

Mohammed Abdel Salam said Saudi warplanes and artillery have been shelling deep into border areas to create the zone and drive the rebels away.

“Their goal seems to be establishing a buffer zone or a no man’s land on the border,” he said in a telephone interview from the rebels’ strongholds in Yemen’s northern Saada province. “It is obvious, they are trying to scare us and make us leave the area.”

Saudi Arabia launched an air and ground offensive against the Yemeni rebels last week after skirmishes along the border. Both Saudi Arabia and Yemen have accused Shiite Iran of backing the rebels raising concerns of another proxy war in the Middle East between region’s Shiite and Sunni powers.


Fighting has intensified since August, displacing tens of thousands of people and limited their access to humanitarian aid.

According to the U.N.’s refugee agency, some 175,000 people have been displaced since the fighting began.

We will just keep coming because we are in search of a better life.

Abdel Salam, the rebel spokesman, also predicted the buffer zone won’t prevent infiltrators from Yemen — the most impoverished Mideast nation — from crossing into Saudi Arabia. He suggested many of those who cross are destitute Yemenis in search of a better life on the other side of the boundary.

“Poor Yemenis will keep crossing,” Abdel Salam said.

The Saudis have also been building a state-of-art border fence, here.  And, it’s not just Shiites they are persecuting, check out this post from last month where we learned that Rohingya Muslim refugees are languishing in Saudi jails, here.   Where is the world-wide condemnation of Saudi Arabia, heck, where is Obama’s condemnation of them?

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