Our friends the Saudis are building a border fence

A couple of months ago a Congressman asked why isn’t our friend and ally, Saudi Arabia, helping to solve the Iraqi refugee “crisis” by taking some Iraqis to that country on a temporary basis?  I didn’t know the answer.  But, I guess we know how they feel about the topic as they proceed to build a 550 mile high-tech fence to keep their northern neighbors out.   So much for Muslims helping Muslims (what would Mohammad do?) 

Here is an article from the American Thinker with a mention of the super Saudi fence.

One country that clearly recognizes the value of a good fence is Saudi Arabia. Fearing an inflow of unwanted refugees from neighboring Iraq, the Saudis have decided to erect a high-tech barrier [click here to see this engineering marvel] all along their 550 mile border. Justifiably proud of their common sense, one Saudi familiar with the details boasted: ‘It’s being done in true Saudi style. State-of-the-art equipment and no expense spared.’ The project’s estimated cost is $1 billion. Our politicians should blush crimson knowing that the Saudi fence will incorporate many technologies invented and perfected in America.

Guess that helps answer our previous post on the “welcoming” Saudi Arabia.

More on fences.    I’m not always on top of the news so I may have missed it; I do know there has been enormous international criticism of the Israelis for building a fence to protect themselves from terrorist Palestinians, but the silence on the Saudi fence is deafening.

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