Baltimore Sun Bombs – Part II

After writing my previous post on this topic, something occurred to me.   I had spoken at length on several occasions with Rona Marech the reporter who wrote “Unsettled by Resettlement” in today’s Baltimore Sun.  She was very interested in Refugee Resettlement Watch and the role it has played in the controversy in Hagerstown.   We also talked about the many complex aspects of refugee resettlement in general.  But, she wrote not one word about this blog or what we discussed.   Instead she followed the laughable politically correct template for issues like this one.   My only conclusion can be that the Baltimore Sun, like most newspapers in America, knows the threat bloggers are to their very existence.  Eventually people will get all of their news from TV and internet sources.   So, duh,  of course they aren’t going to give free advertising to bloggers doing more investigative work than they do. 

I plan to have Part III tomorrow.

Baltimore Sun Bombs–Part I

I know, I know…should I have really expected a lengthy balanced article about the complex issue of refugee resettlement in Hagerstown, MD?   Yes, there is still a bit of me that believes some mainstream news outlet will do a serious open-minded investigation about refugee resettlement, but I guess I won’t hold my breath.  Thank goodness for alternative media.

For a little token balance, The Sun reporter throws in some small criticisms of how the Virginia Council of Churches handled the resettlement, but the whole tone of the piece follows the politically correct theme—those who challenge the righteousness of this sacrosanct program are bad bad people:

But ultimately, the problem was an “unwelcoming atmosphere,” said Frances Tinsley of Church World Service, the church council’s parent organization. “It’s pretty dangerous when you have people who say, ‘We don’t want you here.’ ”

“That’s very sad,” she said. “What does that say about America?”

What is very sad is that tactics like these are employed by those who purport to be such good Christian people against other Christian people in order to silence them. 

For new readers, Church World Service is the federal contractor that hired Virginia Council of Churches (VCC) to bring refugees quietly to Western Maryland.   To answer Tim Rowland’s question about who pulled the plug on VCC—Church World Service pulled the plug because the US State Dept. told them to.  The whole issue was eating up staff time and VCC had become an embarrassment for all those involved.  As a matter of fact, I’m guessing, but I have a hunch that VCC got the hook for reasons greater than its Hagerstown troubles.

Blogs are blossoming!

Look out Tim Rowland.   It appears that the Herald-Mail is getting competition daily, as are mainstream newspapers across the fruited plain.   Someone just brought this Maryland blog to my attention.  It’s called Red Maryland and it too has a post about how “unwelcoming” we are here in Hagerstown (aka Hicksville), USA.  

I’ve been thinking, wouldn’t it be ironic someday if struggling Hagerstown became a booming town because it had rejected the multicultural/diversity-is-great myth.    Maybe we could even sell it as a city that had old-timey redneck values; a sign out on the dual highway could read:  “Welcome to the most unwelcome city in America.”