Bring Iraqis here or they will turn into killers

Oh brother!  Every day there are mainstream media articles throwing out arguments about why we have to bring tens of thousands (hundreds of thousands, millions) of Iraqis to America this instant.  Quick, get them here, get them on the good old American welfare system and save them from the inevitable consequences of becoming religious Islamic fanatic killers.  One gets the feeling that the refugee industry just throws out theories in hopes that one will stick.   Here is today’s from Reuters (who else!):

Islamist militancy could also take root if the crisis is allowed to spawn an underclass of poorly educated, poorly integrated Iraqi youths.

We aren’t falling for the bull poopy anymore.  I know a lot of you leftwingers fell for it with the Palestinians but all the evidence points to the fact that militant Islamists are educated middle and upper class people often with professional careers (remember the UK doctors?) and nice families.    Jihad Watch just addressed this a couple of days ago in a post entitled, “Wealthy Syrians Head to Iraq for Jihad.”   Check it out here.

“Unwelcoming”—Hagerstown join the crowd

Last week the good folks of Hagerstown and Washington County took a whoopin’ in the mainstream media, accused of being “unwelcoming” to more refugee resettlement.  Both the Hagerstown Herald-Mail and the Baltimore Sun made it appear that we alone were saying NO to the “persecuted” of the world.   All this occured at the very same time a report was being delivered in Geneva, Switzerland at the 58th Session of the Executive Committee of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees.  This from the Washington Times this morning:

Asylum seekers are finding an ever-colder reception, the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees found, with nearly 99 percent of them detained or turned away each year.


Erika Feller, head of the refugee agency’s protection unit, expressed mounting concern to UNHCR board members last week about “untouchables” seeking resettlement.


“Increasingly, some groups of refugees are becoming simply unwanted by resettlement countries. Neither their refugee status nor their protection needs are in question, but their desirability is,” she said.


Governments are increasingly wary of politically sensitive ethnic groups as well as the elderly, who may become public charges, she said. Others having trouble with resettlement include large families, single men who might become a threat to public order, or refugees with low educational levels.

So, instead of the perception that we are neanderthals in the dark ages, could us Hagerstown Hicks actually be in the vanguard of a worldwide movement?  Immigration industry (volags and other government employees) beware you might want to start thinking about your paycheck.