Muslim Refugee industry booming in Boise

You know we can tell when a post we’ve written is getting lots of visitors and today we were scratching our heads about why our (only) previous post on Boise, ID was so popular. It has been number one for a couple of days.  We don’t know the answer, but it made me be do some searching around for more on Boise.     I was only guessing when I said at the end of that other post that the Mosque business was booming in Boise.  According to the Pluralism Project at Harvard Univ. it is!

In 1996 the Muslim community grew significantly due to the influx of computer software companies and refugees from Bosnia, Somalia, Pakistan and Afghanistan.


The Muslims in Boise stand apart from their neighbors visibly, as many are Middle or Far Eastern and most of the women veil themselves in public.


……the federal government has recently begun investigating members of the community for their religious affiliations and activities.


The majority of community members are refugees from Bosnia, Somalia, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. It is a predominantly younger community, with many children. In the Muslim community of Boise there are approximately 4000 Bosnian refugees, 2000 Somali refugees and 300 Afghan refugees. In total, there are 44 nations represented at the Boise Mosque.

Go to “Your state” above and scroll down to Idaho for information on Refugee Resettlement in that state.