German Chancellor now wants to return to the old European asylum rules

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After dispensing with the EU rule earlier this year that required that asylum seekers register and apply for asylum in the first country in which they arrive, Angela Merkel now says the rule is back in force.   Of course, her earlier “welcome” set in motion the massive flow of migrants that now stretches throughout many countries in especially eastern Europe.

Merkel pursed lips
Merkel reluctantly trying to put the Genie back in the bottle.

Here is the Wall Street Journal on the reinstatement of the rule.  I bet some European leaders, like Orban in Hungary, are further enraged.
And, who is going to tell the moving masses they must return to the country they first set foot on in Europe.
Go here to see how many were on the move just yesterday as “Mama” Merkel made the announcement.

BERLIN—Germany said Tuesday it could reject Syrian migrants if other European countries are officially responsible for their asylum requests, a move that in practice will affect few people but illustrated the government’s mounting efforts to signal that its ability to take in refugees was reaching its limits.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has been trying to balance her continued message of welcoming refugees with responding to growing pressure from local and state governments, as well as senior members of her own party, to stem the continuing inflow of thousands of migrants a day.

The change in policy announced Tuesday was an example of that balancing act. The Interior Ministry said that since Oct. 21, it was again applying to all migrants EU rules that require the country in which a person first registers an asylum request to process that request.

In August, Germany had announced the suspension of those rules for Syrians, a move that officials say helped spur hundreds of thousands of refugees to make their way to the country.

There is more here.
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