Saudi Arabia deports another 150 Somalis to Mogadishu

…..and not a word out of Amnesty International!

Earlier today I told you that the Canadian government deported a Somali former refugee with a long crime rap sheet back to Somalia and Amnesty International was highly critical.  Now, again,* we see that Muslim Saudi Arabia deported 150 fellow Muslims to Mogadishu and not a peep out of Amnesty International that I’ve seen.

From Press TV:

Over 150 Somali migrants deported from Saudi Arabia have landed at Aden Adde International Airport in Mogadishu.

Most of the expelled people, who arrived in the Somali capital on Friday, were Somali teenagers who tried to escape the war-torn country, a Press TV correspondent reported.

Abdullahi Aden, one of the deportees, told Press TV that Saudi authorities had forcibly sent them back to Somalia.

“We had fled a desperate situation of civil war, political instability, poverty, and famine in Somalia and the Horn of Africa, but unfortunately, we were captured by the Saudi police force in operations they conducted in Jeddah,” Aden said.

He expressed concern over the long, unsafe journey Somalis take to reach Yemen before heading toward Saudi Arabia.

According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Yemen receives 14,000 refugees annually.

* We’ve written many times about the poor treatment of Muslim refugees by wealthy Saudi Arabia, use our search function to find those posts.

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