Comment worth noting: Reader responds to this morning’s Libya post

And, tells us how the migrants are launched from Libya and arrive in Malta with the help of the Catholic Church. Then, of course, many are moved along to the US.  In the US the Catholic Bishops/Catholic Charities are then paid by you (taxpayers) for the migrants care.

I’m posting this comment here because I’m afraid you won’t see it simply as a comment at my Libya post this morning.   We don’t often use it, but that is what this category (comments worth noting) is all about.

From Charles (emphasis mine):

Practically all the illegal immigrants’ boats departing from Libya start their voyage from the port of Zuwarah which is about 2 miles south east of the city centre (look it up in Google Earth). The harbour master there seems to be very accommodating 😉

As soon as the boat is outside Libyan territorial waters, the occupants use a satellite phone to call an Eritrean priest in the Vatican, Don Mosé Zerai, He then contacts the Rome Rescue Coordination Centre who in turn communicate the details to the Maltese RCC. The position of the boat is obtained from Thuraya, the satellite phone company because all sat phones have GPS and the origin of the call can be pinpointed to within a few metres.

Libya never launches any Search and Rescue (SAR) operations, so the Maltese prime minister, whose loyalty is first to the Vatican and then to Brussels, takes it upon himself to authorise operations in Libyan SAR waters, lest some illegal immigrant drowns. This is how it is done nowadays. Gone are the days when illegals used to try and sneak in clandestinely. They don’t have to. They get a free ferry ride into harbour where food and drink, medical aid and midwives will be waiting for them. There are invariably severely pregnant women on every boat. Some have given birth on the high seas and their offspring cannot be issued with a birth certificate, but that’s another story. Pregnant women escape detention and once the baby is born and has served its purpose, it is abandoned to the institutes run by the Catholic Church.

Any sat phones, GPS navigators and documents are dumped overboard as soon a the rescue launch approaches. They will then sometimes hang small children over the side and threaten to drown the children unless they are taken to Malta immediately. They interpret kindness and mercy as weakness and exploit it ruthlessly.

You can use Google Translate to read the story here:

If you need any help with translation I can do it for you.  [not me, Charles!—ed]

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