IRC needs volunteers (but not at this exact moment) to help refugees navigate the US health care system

I actually started to write another post this morning also involving refugee health care—mental illness again, but it’s a post requiring some bit of additional work, and I’ve run out of steam today.  So just so you know I’m not on an extended break, this is a quick little post I can throw up here without too much work (or, that is what I thought before I launched!).

It is a VOLUNTEER job announcement from probably the biggest of the federal resettlement contractors—the International Rescue Committee (where its head honcho makes more than Obama makes!).*  It is for a VOLUNTEER job, sort of, at some time in the future, but they want your information now.  Hat tip: FeFe

Remember as you read this that the IRC is so concerned about the issue of tracking your VOLUNTEER hours because they turn those into the feds for cash (for them!) in a “match grant” program.  Cool huh!

Here is the ad for Baltimore, MD (I’ve emphasized the things I don’t want you to miss):

Special Needs Health Volunteer
Sector: Health
Location: US – MD – Baltimore
Employee Type: Volunteer
Employee Category: Part Time


Dear perspective volunteer,
Please note that we are not currently seeking volunteers in this position for the time being. Please consider other volunteer or internship opportunities, and be in touch with any questions.
This is an unpaid volunteer position. [in case you haven’t gotten that message yet—ed]

Purpose: Special Needs Health Volunteers are paired up with refugees and asylees who have specific health needs which may inhibit their ability to become self-sufficient in their new environment. Health concerns of clients in this category may include: disabilities, mental illness, pregnancy, severe hypertension, TB, and malnutrition. Health volunteers will provide one-on-one follow-up and counseling in order to help clients navigate the US healthcare system, ensure quality care for the client, and provide basic health education.  [Did you know we are taking TB refugee cases?—ed]

Possible Responsibilities [Does anyone do this for poverty-stricken Americans?—ed]

• Provide consistent follow-up care for special health needs of clients
Help clients to find health resources which best meet their needs
• As needed, help clients make medical appointments
• As needed, accompany clients to medical appointments
Ensure clients understand treatment instructions
• As appropriate, provide basic preventative health counseling
Ensure clients are receiving quality and dignified healthcare

IRC HEALTH VOLUNTEER REQUIREMENTS [Did we mention this was a volunteer job?—ed]

High level of cultural sensitivity
Commitment of at least four months of volunteering, 1-5 hours per week
Agreement to background check and background check fee (no more than $18.50)
Participation in health volunteer orientation and training
Diligence in keeping track of volunteer hours and communication with IRC staff through volunteer time  [The IRC must get its payment from the federal government for YOUR volunteer time.—ed]

Work and/or educational experience in public health, nursing, health services, international health, or other health-related field
Ability to follow-through with long-term, detail-oriented projects

If you are interested, please

IRC leading the way from harm to home. [cute, huh!—ed]
IRC is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
IRC considers all applicants on the basis of merit without regard to race, sex, color, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status or disability.

* Now check it out!  The IRC (which wants your nursing services for free) is a $431 million dollar organization which gets $247 million from YOU, the taxpayer (page 9 of their most recent Form 990, here).  And, guess where you have to go to find out the salaries being paid at the IRC?  Page 254 of their 299-page Form 990.  George Rupp, their head honcho makes a cool $447,432 in salary and benefits which beats Obama’s $400,000 salary!

It’s called doing well by doing good!  Maybe Rupp should be required to handle the TB patients!