San Diego: Somali woman sentenced to 8 years for helping terror group

And, that is not all!  She is laughingly predicting another (and more deadly) 9/11 to happen to the country that took her in as a poor and suffering refugee.

I saw several accounts of this short story (even one in the Washington Post), but no publication except the LA Times (blog!) kept that little nugget of news in its story.

Here it is:

A 25-year-old Somali woman living in San Diego was sentenced Tuesday to eight years in prison after pleading guilty to sending money to a suspected terrorist group in her native country.

Nima Yusuf admitted in San Diego federal court that she sent $1,450 to men in Somalia who were fighting on behalf of al-Shabaab, considered a terrorist group by the U.S. government. She also admitted trying to recruit a local man to go to Somalia to fight for al-Shabaab.

According to FBI wiretaps, Yusuf was pleased when told in a phone call by another Somali that al-
Shabaab had killed Burundian peacekeeping troops. She allegedly responded: “Oh my God! God is great! Wonderful! I swear to God, you told me something to be happy about.”

In another conversation, Yusuf laughingly said she hoped another terrorist strike like the Sept. 11 attack occurs in America: “Oh! It will be happening again. Trust me, more this time it will be double, triple their deaths.”

I guess a good education, a job, free health care, food stamps, two kids and a house weren’t what she was looking for from “welcoming” America.

Buffalo, NY: when rebuilding US cities with immigrants, crooks will follow

In 2011, Christopher Coen writing at Friends of Refugees rightly criticized refugee advocates for using refugees to supposedly replenish and rebuild dying US cities.  Coen says it hurts the refugees to be used in that way—to be dropped off in slum neighborhoods.  I agree.   Here is my post on the same topic (you should take a minute and read it before proceeding here).

Buffalo, NY is the city cited by Coen and more recently I told you that Buffalo is losing its Christian and Jewish population, here.   Also, be sure to type ‘Buffalo’ into our search function for a wide assortment of cultural clash/crime problems with Buffalo’s immigrant population.

And, as I reported the other day in a food stamp fraud post, where immigrants congregate in large numbers, scammers follow.

 Operation Secret Shopper to the rescue!

Now, thanks to reader ‘alwaysright’ comes this Buffalo ‘Deli-store sting story.’  It is a new (to me!) scam involving ‘mom and pop’ delis (convenience stores) in a city that is increasingly populated with Muslim immigrants.

Here is how it works:

The petty thieves went out with shopping lists to steal for deli owners who offered to buy the stolen goods – everything from condoms to baby formula.

One deli owner’s shopping list included “25 tubes of toothpaste.” Another deli owner needed men’s shavers, and yet another needed to replenish his supply of energy drinks.

The crooks then shoplifted from the big guys: Tops, Wegmans, Target.

The thieves returned to the delis and sold the goods to the owners – at cut-rate prices – who then resold the items at big profits.

Meanwhile, residents near the small stores complained that many of the city’s corner delis were magnets for gang members, whose fighting, partying and drug dealing made life unbearable.

When police heard these complaints, several agencies got together and pulled off a sting dubbed “Operation Secret Shopper.” The operation has resulted in the closing of 20 corner delis, though some have reopened under court orders while charges are pending; the arrest of 15 store owners and their workers; and the confiscation of synthetic marijuana, several guns, fake New Era baseball caps, bootlegged DVDs and untaxed cigarettes.

Be sure to read all about how the cops nailed the crooks (it is kind of long, but fun reading).  And then work your way to the end to see the politically-incorrect names of the arrested (helpfully highlighted by me).

In addition to State Police, agencies that assisted in Operation Secret Shopper include the Erie Crime Analysis Center; the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives; the U.S. Department of Homeland Security; the Cheektowaga Police Department; the Erie County District Attorney’s Office; and the State Liquor Authority.

South District Community Policing Officer Anthony LeBron was given special recognition for his efforts in setting up the stings.

Individuals arrested on charges of possession of stolen property are: Abdilkarim Ali, 48, Nadeems Grocery Deli, 2082 S. Park Ave.; Adel Alkaldi, 25, Cazenovia Mini Mart, 2330 Seneca St.; Samir M. Khoury, 49, Ricotta’s Food Market, 206 Elk St.; Dennis Mack [shock! American name]32, and Abdul Kassem, 45, Seneca Deli, 1199 Seneca St.; Hamza Abdo, 55, Garang International Market, 325 Seneca St.; Bilal Mohamed, 24, and Jamil Nagi, 25, Broadway Mart, 1069 Broadway.

Also, Naji Alabbadi, 22, Charlies Food Market, 927 Broadway; Muafaq Majid, 28, Luckys, 729 Sycamore St.; Zaid Alhariri, 43, Super Market Express, 143 Walden Ave.; Moshin Almadrahi, 52, the Quick Stop, 1148 East Ferry St.; Omar Abdulrazak, 35, Mega-Mart, 778 Tonawanda St.; Ali Nasser, 23, M&N Mini Mart, 2360 Bailey Ave.; and Hamos Mohamed, 35, Langfield Food-Meat Market, 313 Edison St.

Haven’t you wondered why Americans aren’t opening ‘mom and pop’ stores—because they aren’t lucrative unless one gets special micro-loans tailored for immigrants and have a well-developed scammers imagination.

So this is how we are rebuilding dying cities?

Update December 15th:  Karem Almadrahi, 35 (LOL!  any relation to Moshin above?) was busted for food stamp fraud in a different Buffalo deli, here.

US exceeds original goal—admits over 60,000 “Bhutanese refugees” since 2007

Nevermind that the “refugees” are not Bhutanese, but in fact are Nepalis.  They are originally from Nepal, had settled in Bhutan (probably illegally) and then Bhutan gave them the boot (wanting to keep Bhutan for true Bhutanese).  Nepal, not an evil terrorist country, didn’t want their kinsmen back, so they lived in camps and the UN and the US State Department under George Bush said, what the heck we’ll take 60,000.

Remember Bush is an Open Borders guy and I suspect, although soft-hearted on immigrants generally, was largely driven by financial backers looking for cheap labor.  Think about it, with captive LEGAL refugee laborers, big businesses keep wages low and their employees are additionally supported through taxpayer-funded “social services” to bring their living standards up (since their wages won’t do it alone).  What a racket!  (But, I’m digressing).

We have followed this story from its earliest days when the “refugees” proclaimed that they didn’t want to be resettled and dispersed around the world (Let us live together here with our brothers and sisters),  but wanted to work things out with Bhutan and Nepal.  Why we ever got into this squabble between neighbors is beyond me, but it was Bush’s then Asst. Secretary of State for Population, Refugees and Migration who ultimately gave the green light, here.   And, just as I said in my previous post about TPS, these really are economic migrants, they aren’t people being persecuted in their home country.

Now, the UN (which loves moving people around the world) is celebrating that they have dispersed 75,000 economic migrants to mostly the US.   The story I’m posting below is confusing but it appears that we have now resettled 63,400.     As recently as September the number was 60,000, here.   I’ll bet you a buck this isn’t the final number!

December 13 2012,  Kathmandu Nepal:  Claiming to have resettled around 75,000 Bhutanese refugees from Nepal, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) confirmed the number in a joint statement. Under one of the largest and successful resettlement programs, more than 63,400 refugees were resettled in United States, 3,837 in Australia, 5,296 in Canada, 724 in Denmark, 710 in New Zealand, 326 in Netherlands, 546 Norway, and 257 in United Kingdom where Yagandra Kami a six year old boy became the 75,000 refugee to be part of major resettlement program. The Program was launched in November 2007.

Stephane Jaquemet, UNHCR Representative in Nepal said, ““This is a tremendous achievement, where we have successfully placed 75,000th Bhutanese refugee from Nepal to the United States [75,000th to US?—-ed] on Wednesday for the third country settlement. It has only been possible due to the incredible generosity of the resettlement countries, the resilience of the refugees, the great support of the Government of Nepal, and the exemplary partnership with IOM.”


The Bhutanese ethnic cleansing took place in early 1990s, where hundreds of thousand Nepali origin Bhutanese were forced for exile. [It would be like us sending Mexicans back to Mexico, and Mexico rejecting them—ed] They were forced to be limited in overcrowded refugee camps in eastern Nepal with no progress toward a resolution of their plight. Many rounds of bilateral talks between the governments of Nepal and Bhutan could not resolve the issue.  [Why didn’t we just tell Nepal to repatriate its own people!–ed]

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as well as binding international treaties signed by Bhutan, ensures the right of the refugees to return to their country. During this long period of exile, however, Bhutan has not allowed a single refugee back. In midst of that the US and other supporting agencies started the resettlement program which has led in ensuring at least a quality of life for the refugee.

Quality of life?   Just now I was looking back at reports of all the problems the mostly Buddhist Bhutanese have experienced in America. Yes, my critics will tell me many others are doing just fine.   One post is about a Baltimore murder of a Bhutanese refugee, here.  And in that post I said this:

I just typed ‘Bhutanese murdered’ into the search function here at RRW and up came this archive of all the problems the Bhutanese are experiencing—others murdered, one killed by an abortion doctor, inner city beatings, suicides, and the list goes on.

Guatemalans must be lobbying for temporary refugee status

Your tax dollars!

I wrote a post back in February at Potomac Tea Party Report about how Guatemala’s Foreign Minister traveled to the US to lobby for Temporary Protected Status for ‘his people’ in the US.  Every day that post is still near the top of my list of most read posts, so I can only assume that there is a campaign on-going to get Obama to grant the backdoor amnesty for Guatemalans already in the US.

Here is what I said in February about the program that Mark Krikorian at the Center for Immigration Studies rightly pegs when he says there is nothing quite so permanent as temporary refugee status.

While we are all busy arguing over illegal immigration and how to combat it, the Obama administration is busy with backdoor amnesty.  One such program to legalize the illegals is quietly becoming increasingly popular— Temporary Protected Status (TPS)

Just recently TPS was extended for Salvadorans who have been here illegally for more than a decade.  We’ve also extended TPS for Haitians who got here illegally prior to the earthquake.  And, now in light of the turmoil in Syria, an open borders cabal* is asking for TPS for Syrians.

The basic idea behind TPS is that those who are in the country illegally, or whose Visas might expire are allowed to stay and WORK in the US because it would be a hardship on their country (and the illegals themselves) to send them back to a country that is a mess for some reason.

However, the way things are going, this administration would have a good excuse not to deport illegals back to almost any country in the world for some reason.

Now we learn that Guatemala wants TPS for its people here too—because of heavy rains related to tropical storm Agatha nearly two years ago!

Read my whole post that is attracting so much attention.  The great benefit to Guatemala is that their nationals living in the US can readily send remittances back to their homeland without any legal hassles.

Flimsy excuses like this one—a two year old storm—have perverted what might have been a limited program for very rare circumstances, instead it is one more egregious misuse of the concept of “refugees.”   These are illegal aliens/economic migrants not true refugees.

What got me thinking about this again today was this story from North Carolina about one more taxpayer-funded benefit TPS “refugees” get—instate tuition.