Buffalo Somali convicted of beating son to death (another immigrant mental illness case?)

No gun used to kill this student, just a rolling pin….(do I hear a call for confiscating rolling pins?)

Actually, readers, this conviction happened in October and I missed it until a friend from Tennessee alerted me that the excellent website, Creeping Sharia, had posted it yesterday, here.

We first told you about the murder in Buffalo (an impoverished city which immigrant advocates are actively trying to re-build by pouring in third worlders, go figure!) here back in April.   In May we told you that the Christian and Jewish population was declining in Buffalo as the Muslim population was increasing.

Here is the gruesome report on the trial of Ali-Mohamed Mohamud in the UK Daily Mail:

Ali-Mohamed Mohamud was convicted Thursday of second-degree murder for beating to death his 10-year-old stepson.

Homicide detectives and prosecutors in Buffalo, New York, said the case was one of the worst they had ever seen.

After duct-taping a sock in the boy’s mouth and binding his hands with electrical cord, the stepfather savagely beat the boy so bad he separated the his head from the spinal cord, crushing the back of his head and exposing his brain, according to court testimony.

‘Justice has been done,’ prosecutor Thomas M. Finnerty said after the verdict, reached after three hours of jury deliberations.

Mohamud could face 25 years to life in prison when sentenced November 15, reports the The Buffalo News.

So, did fear of being labeled Islamophobic contribute to the boy’s death?

The death could have been avoided after it was revealed the boy called 911 twice in the past year to report abuse.

Abdifatah Mohamud, from Buffalo, New York, was found beaten to death in his family’s basement last week. He was bound, gagged and struck repeatedly with a rolling pin.

Though the Buffalo Police Department is investigating how officers handled the calls, they did confirm they reported the allegations to Erie County Child Protective Services – who are accused of not doing enough to help the boy or remove him from the home.

They are refusing to comment on the case.

We’ve reported twice this week already about mental illness and immigrants, here and here.

Some in Sweden standing up (naked) to Shariah law

We have a lot posts over the years here at RRW about the ever-expanding numbers of Muslim immigrants to “welcoming” Sweden and what it could lead to.  Now we see some women who understand what Islamists really want are standing up and are protesting Shariah law as the basis for the constitution in Egypt.

These  Swedish feminists, protesting in Stockholm, “get it” about Shariah law and what it means to women.  It’s too bad American feminists don’t have the guts of these women.

Warning!  R-rated!  From The Local (hat tip:  The Religion of Peace):

Al-Mahdy, who as part of the feminist network Femen has employed nudity as a shock tactic before, wanted to protest the new Egyptian constitution that was voted through on Saturday.

A second referendum on the document is scheduled for Friday, but it is widely expected to be adopted.

“Before the decisive day of the referendum in Egypt activists came to the Embassy of Egypt in Stockholm to support Egyptian heroes who are resisting the sharia-dictatorial draft of the constitution of the president Morsi,” Femen said in a statement published on its website.

Holding a Koran in front of her privates, al-Mahdy was joined by two other women outside the embassy on the posh waterfront avenue Strandvägen in central Stockholm.

Body painting scrawled across the women’s chests read “Sharia is not a constitution” and linked the apocalypse to Egyptian president, who represents the Muslim Brotherhood party, citing fears that the constitution would impede Egypt’s democratic development.

Is something going on in Grand Island, Nebraska?

Grand Island is another of those American meatpacking towns (like Garden City, KS which I just wrote about this week) being transformed through the Refugee Resettlement program as it imports workers for those giant corporations, some of which, like Swift and Company, are no longer American companies.  Swift is owned by a larger Brazilian company, here.

I see this morning that many readers are reading this post from 2010.  It’s about the Grand Island police chief at the time saying that it was “chaotic anarchy” there among the myriad ethnic groups imported for their labor.  Surprise! they weren’t melting in the magic American melting pot.

Readers I see every day in my statistics which posts readers are gravitating to, that old Grand Island post is bringing people in today making me wonder if there are new problems in Grand Island.  From time to time, you might find it interesting to review the list of TOP POSTS in the right hand sidebar to see what fellow readers are interested in.

If anyone sees anything breaking on Grand Island, please send it my way.   Also, type ‘Grand Island’ into our search function for lots more posts on that town.  There was quite a controversy there in 2008 when the Somalis tried to get the Mayor fired from her job because she made politically-incorrect comments to the New York Times.