Is something going on in Grand Island, Nebraska?

Grand Island is another of those American meatpacking towns (like Garden City, KS which I just wrote about this week) being transformed through the Refugee Resettlement program as it imports workers for those giant corporations, some of which, like Swift and Company, are no longer American companies.  Swift is owned by a larger Brazilian company, here.

I see this morning that many readers are reading this post from 2010.  It’s about the Grand Island police chief at the time saying that it was “chaotic anarchy” there among the myriad ethnic groups imported for their labor.  Surprise! they weren’t melting in the magic American melting pot.

Readers I see every day in my statistics which posts readers are gravitating to, that old Grand Island post is bringing people in today making me wonder if there are new problems in Grand Island.  From time to time, you might find it interesting to review the list of TOP POSTS in the right hand sidebar to see what fellow readers are interested in.

If anyone sees anything breaking on Grand Island, please send it my way.   Also, type ‘Grand Island’ into our search function for lots more posts on that town.  There was quite a controversy there in 2008 when the Somalis tried to get the Mayor fired from her job because she made politically-incorrect comments to the New York Times.

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