Buffalo: Somali father beats stepson to death over homework

Incidentally, Buffalo is a favorite city for the federal refugee contractors.  We know from a story two years ago that Buffalo has a big problem with domestic abuse among refugees, here.   Type ‘Buffalo’ into our search function for more posts on the troubles in that city which is trying to use its immigrant population to revitalize the city—hey!  good luck with that.

From the Buffalo News a few days ago:

Ten-year-old Abdifatah Mohamud was running for his life down Sycamore Street at about 5 p.m. Tuesday when a concerned neighbor stopped to try to help.

Seeing the boy’s stepfather chasing after him, the neighbor helped the man, Ali Mohamed Mohamud, catch up with the child.

The boy didn’t want to go home with Mohamud.

“I told the boy, ‘Daddy promises nothing is going to happen,'” the neighbor later told The Buffalo News.

“The boy said to me: ‘No, he always says that.'”

Less than six hours later, Abdifatah was dead, brutally beaten, and his stepfather, Ali Mohamed Mohamud, was under arrest.

There is more, read it all.  Be sure to check out the murderer’s places of employment.

Readers:  I just now was reading a bunch of stories at the Religion of Peace website (that is where I found this one) and you might call today’s selection “Muslim immigrants gone wild worldwide“.  There are a couple of links to stories about asylum seeker rapists—Muslim men raping women and men in Sweden and Finland for example.  You might want to put the Religion of Peace on your daily reading list!

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