American Al-Shabaab believed to have been executed in Africa

We reported on the American-born Jihadist who grew up in Alabama on several occasions (here) a couple of years ago and hadn’t heard much of him since.  Now, there are rumors that he was executed (beheaded?) in Somalia earlier this month after a disagreement with leaders of the Al Qaeda linked terror group Al Shabaab.

From Key Media:

Keydmedia Somali had received a report that Hammami, a leader in the group Al Shabaab, was executed on April 4 by other Al Shabaab members in rebel-held Lower Shabelle region of southern Somalia, but the exact location is unclear yet.

Hammami, who used the name “Abu Mansour al-Amriki” or “The American,” appeared in a video last month in which he said he was afraid for his life because of disagreements within the officials of Al shabab rebels.

A Washington, D.C.-based group that monitors the war on terrorism said, however, that it questions the accuracy of the report, the second in 13 months reporting Hamammi’s demise.

In 2010 Hammami said that Al Qaeda’s (and Al-Shabaab’s) goal was nothing short of a worldwide Caliphate, here.

For new readers Al-Shabaab first came to our attention when dozens of Somali refugees returned to Africa to get terror training, here.