Fishy “hate crime” story in El Cajon

CAIR and the Muslim grievance lobby are trying oh-so-hard to elevate this tragic murder of a young Iraqi mother in California to be on par with the Trayvon Martin circus in Florida.   I’ve been reading about the case elsewhere and there is something fishy about it.

Here is the story from Reuters, sans some red flags, but with a serious reference to the very un-serious Southern Poverty Law Center:

Shaima Alawadi, a 32-year-old stay-at-home mother of five, was found brutally beaten in the dining room of her rented home last week by her 17-year-old daughter, police said. She died of her wounds on Saturday.

Local police are investigating the killing as a possible hate crime because of a note found next to Alawadi’s unconscious body that threatened the family and was reported to have labeled her a terrorist. An FBI bias crimes squad is assisting.

Alawadi’s death comes at a time of renewed anti-Muslim sentiment nationwide. The number of anti-Muslim hate groups tripled to 30 in 2011, according to a recent report by the Southern Poverty Law Center, which advocates for civil rights.

Take a couple of minutes and read this hilarious piece by Daniel Greenfield at Frontpage Magazine where he tells readers how he and his cat became a SPLC “hate group.”  Reuters reporter Mary Slosson should read it too!

Not a racist “hate crime” yet say the police because they are probably checking out the story of certain family members (Muslim honor killing maybe?):

“We are considering the hate crime aspect, but we are not labeling it as such,” El Cajon Police Lieutenant Mark Coit said. But he could not reveal any details on the status of the case.

El Cajon, second largest settlement of Iraqis in the US.  Many came to escape the Saddam Hussein regime (something we don’t hear much about from the refugee industry which wants everyone to believe all Iraqi refugees are a result of the evil US actions in Iraq).

El Cajon is in the heart of East San Diego County, which is home to the second largest Iraqi community in the United States, behind Detroit. More than half of El Cajon’s 100,000 residents are of Middle Eastern descent.

Like Alawadi’s family, some of the city’s Arab residents are largely Shi’ite refugees from Iraq who arrived in the United States in the 1980s and 1990s after fleeing their homeland in the aftermath of Saddam Hussein’s 1980 invasion of Shi’ite neighbor Iran and the long war that followed.

But the town has seen an even larger surge of Iraqi newcomers since 2008 through a U.S.-funded refugee resettlement program, often joining relatives in the area, said Michael McKay, Deputy Director of Refugee Services at the Catholic Charities Diocese of San Diego.

For more on problems with refugees in El Cajon, see our archives on the city here. You will see one story about the Iraqi-Mexican drug rings.   A little warning to Iraqis involved in the illicit drug trade perhaps?  Lots of potential angles here to keep the police busy.