New York Times discovers Malta’s illegal immigration problems

Ho hum!  Not much in this NYT article that we haven’t discussed relating to Malta (and Southern Europe) as waves of Africans come ashore and have to be detained for long periods of time because governments don’t know what to do with them!

Here is one refreshingly honest line from a human rights activist in Malta regarding the detention policy:

 “The Maltese are not happy with unknown Africans left to run around.”

I was looking for one thing in this story that is only touched upon.   I had hoped to see some mention of the fact that the US State Department is contributing to Malta’s problems by turning some of the illegal aliens into “refugees” and sending them to your towns.  The practice has made Malta a much sought-after landing site for boats coming from North Africa.

This is all the NYT tells us about the US role there:

Several hundred refugees have been relocated to the mainland, and the United States has also helped, relocating more than 1,000 families over the last five years.

It is interesting to me that only a rare mention is ever made in the media connecting Europe’s economic woes (especially Greece’s) to its overload of illegal aliens flooding their countries.

For dozens and dozens of posts on Malta, type ‘Malta’ into our search function.  We’ve been writing about it for five years.

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