Sweden to get Djiboutian consulates to better serve “its people”

Only in Sweden!

On September 1, we told you that thousands of Djiboutians (7000!) had pretended to be Somali refugees (legit refugees by UN standards) and flooded into Sweden for the good life—you don’t even have to work!

Are they going to get the boot?  Apparently not, instead Djibouti will be setting up consulates in Sweden to better serve its people!

From Mareeg (a Somali publication in need of an English language editor):

 (24.09.2012)–Dejibouti will open two cansulates in sweden according to well informed Dejibutian deplomatic sources based in Sweden and Dejibuti.

The main reason behind this step is said to be the sharply rising numbers of Djiboutian citizens living in Sweden, Sweden has received the largest number of Djiboutian asylum seekers since 2007, many young Djiboutians flocked to Sweden in search of better and easy life.

According to Farhan Abobakir who works at the Djiboutian ministry of foreign affairs who spoke with our corespondent in Djibouti with thick french accented Somali , Sweden has became the favourite country for many young Djiboutians due to its relaxed immigration rules and checks and the physical appearance similarities between Somalis and Djiboutians, many young Djiboutians got their permanent residence permits by claiming to be from Somalia says Mr.abobakir, we don’t agree with such malicious practises but at the end of day the government has to serve its people anywhere irrespective of their legality.

New York Times discovers Malta’s illegal immigration problems

Ho hum!  Not much in this NYT article that we haven’t discussed relating to Malta (and Southern Europe) as waves of Africans come ashore and have to be detained for long periods of time because governments don’t know what to do with them!

Here is one refreshingly honest line from a human rights activist in Malta regarding the detention policy:

 “The Maltese are not happy with unknown Africans left to run around.”

I was looking for one thing in this story that is only touched upon.   I had hoped to see some mention of the fact that the US State Department is contributing to Malta’s problems by turning some of the illegal aliens into “refugees” and sending them to your towns.  The practice has made Malta a much sought-after landing site for boats coming from North Africa.

This is all the NYT tells us about the US role there:

Several hundred refugees have been relocated to the mainland, and the United States has also helped, relocating more than 1,000 families over the last five years.

It is interesting to me that only a rare mention is ever made in the media connecting Europe’s economic woes (especially Greece’s) to its overload of illegal aliens flooding their countries.

For dozens and dozens of posts on Malta, type ‘Malta’ into our search function.  We’ve been writing about it for five years.

Canadian government considering electronic bracelets for failed refugees

By failed refugees they mean asylum seekers who have been denied asylum.   And, Canada has 44,000 of them roaming free in the land!   But, oh well, only a few of them pose any threat!

From Canada.com:

The House of Commons’ public safety committee has issued a report recommending the government consider the use of electronic ankle bracelets as a way to curb the number of denied refugee claimants who fail to comply with removal orders.

Opposition critics, however, say expanding the use of such technology for immigration purposes would be a waste of money since most rejected immigrants and failed refugee claimants pose “little or no risk” to the public.

I guess they don’t consider mooching on social services and competing for jobs a threat to the public!

The committee’s report cited the testimony earlier this year of Peter Hill, director general of post-border programs at the Canada Border Services Agency, which has the responsibility of enforcing the removal of people deemed inadmissible to Canada. Hill testified that there were 44,000 individuals in the country with outstanding arrest warrants and whose current whereabouts were unknown.   [of course one flaw in this idea is that they can’t find the 44,000 to put bracelets on them!—ed]

“By and large, the majority of them — 80 per cent of those cases — are failed refugee claimants without any criminality or security concerns,” he told the committee. “They have absconded — they have not shown up for an immigration process or they have not shown up for their removal — so we have warrants for their arrest for removal.”

There is another way to look at those numbers —- 20% (8,800) are criminals!

The article at Canada.com goes on:

Still, the committee, which is chaired by Conservative MP Kevin Sorenson, went ahead and recommended that the Canada Border Services Agency “review the use and cost effectiveness of electronic monitoring with the aim of reducing the occurrence of inadmissible individuals who are not presenting themselves for removal.”

Makes me wonder how many failed asylum seekers are wandering around the US!

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