Refugees with TB being readied to enter the US

Readers, I just wrote a post where a federal contractor tells us ‘what is working with refugee resettlement’ and here we go I have the perfect story about what is emphatically not working!

This film from the International Organization for Migration (a federal contractor that prepares refugees to travel to the US) will blow you away.  (Hat tip: Mars)

You may have heard that refugees with inactive Tuberculosis can come to the US (I know that is bad enough), but the IOM is running a facility in Thailand (presumably mostly for Burmese, those same refugees gardening in NYC) where they are treating people with active MULTI-DRUG-RESISTANT TB and attempting to get them well enough to come to your hometown!

Watch the film here (the music is lovely and the nurse is pleasant, but the news is frightening).  And, consider these questions:  who will monitor the refugees to assure they will stay on a prescribed drug regimen?  What if they stop taking drugs, will they become active carriers again?  Who will pay for all this (Obamacare?)?

New web series on ‘what is working with refugee resettlement’

And, of course the title begs for an explanation—-so what is not working with refugees?

The International Rescue Committee (the granddaddy of the federal contractors) is planning to use the series to link “foodies” (Is that what Michelle Obama is, I never knew it had a name!), environmentalists and refugees in this latest political ploy.

We’ve told you many times about the refugee gardening projects you’ve been paying for with your tax dollars.  Looks like the IRC got $70,000 of federal grant money for this, here.  I guess you could buy a lot of veggies with that, but for propaganda it’s a steal!

From Mashable US & World:

A new web series from the International Rescue Committee follows refugees resettled in New York, who work in a community garden in the Bronx.

“New Roots in the Bronx” follows refugees from Myanmar and Cameroon as they acclimate to life in the U.S. while working in urban community gardens, harvesting fresh fruits and vegetables for their families and communities. These represent some of the thousands the IRC resettles in 22 U.S. cities each year.

“We’ve taken something that can sometimes be an impersonal topic and really personalized it,” Ruth Fertig, online community builder for the IRC, told Mashable. “Through the refugees stories themselves, we get to see how the IRC does its work. We’re hoping to raise awareness for the IRC’s work for a younger audience, as well as among foodies and environmentalists.”

The web series, which will be released one episode at a time through mid-October, features cooking demos from celebrity chefs David Burke, Michel Nischan and Marco Canora, who use the crops from the community garden. The IRC highlights the recipes cooked in the episodes alongside the webisodes.

The series also includes the option to take a pledge of solidarity with the refugees as they rebuild their lives in the U.S., a recipe sharing tool and a supporter page.   (Wow!  And, you paid for this!–ed)

How’s that Arab Spring working out for Obama and the “weird sisters” this morning?

In light of the tragic news from Libya and Egypt today, here, looks like Obama, Hillary, Susan Rice, and Samantha Power picked the wrong side in their rush to embrace the phoney-baloney “democracy movement” in North Africa.

No time to write this a.m. but check out our previous posts on the “weird sisters’ responsibility to protect” and what it has come to.

Note that one year ago, almost to the day, the Israeli Embassy was attacked by those Muslim Brotherhood “democracy advocates” in their enthusiasm to show how democratic they can be.

I guess the White House’s Samantha Power gets her wish—no “rinkey-dink do-gooder stuff “ like protecting Christians in Iraq for her.  The Muslims in Libya have now declared war on us by their murderous act.  So much for the “humanitarian vulcans” gamble.