Minnesota Somali on trial for terror funding wants spiritual healer

….he says he is seeing ghosts.

I wonder a couple of things, do Minnesota judges get tired of demanding Somali Muslims on trial there?  Just a couple of days ago we heard about the Somali women from Rochester, MN convicted of sending money to Al-Shabaab in Africa (one of them refused to stand for the judge) and now we learn that this guy, on trial for supplying the money for some of the twenty plus refugee youths who returned to Somalia to get Jihad training, wants out so he can see a special faith healer.  [LOL! Watch for CAIR to ride to his rescue!]

And, incidentally Mahamud Said Omar whose trial begins next week, was a ‘homeless’ man from Rochester.  We nabbed him in the Netherlands back in 2009.   He was subsequently extradited to the US.

The other thing I wonder about is how come the national mainstream media NEVER talks about these Somalis on trial in the US.  Have any of you ever seen a story about these terror-funding cases on CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN or even Fox News?  Hmmm!

Here is the AP story (reporter Amy Forliti) posted this time at The Republic in Indiana:

MINNEAPOLIS — A Somali man accused of helping finance fighters for the terror group al-Shabab in Somalia asked a judge on Monday to let him out of jail while he awaits trial, saying he has a “sickness of the devil” in which he sees ghosts and needs a spiritual healer.

Mahamud Said Omar, 46, made the statements during a routine hearing in advance of his trial on terror charges, which starts next week. Omar, who collapsed during a hearing last year, said he is also in pain.

Chief U.S. District Judge Michael Davis acknowledged that he is aware Omar has a history of seeing ghosts and other problems. But he denied Omar’s request, saying the court is making sure he gets the best medical care possible while in custody. He added that Omar’s attorneys may submit information on cultural or spiritual healers, and Davis would view their credentials and decide whether they may visit Omar.

Omar has been in custody since 2009, charged as part of the U.S. government’s investigation into the recruitment of at least 21 men who authorities believe left Minnesota to join al-Shabab in Somalia, which the U.S. says has ties to al-Qaida. He faces five counts, including providing material support to a foreign terrorist organization.

There is more, read it all.

Who resettles refugees in Rochester?

It looks like it is Catholic Charities, so some of these Somalis on trial now likely came through the door of Catholic Charities Diocese of Winona.   In fact, looking back in our archives I see I wrote about problems Catholic Charities was having in Rochester where some of its citizens were not so happy to see the huge influx of refugees there.

Indeed if Mr. Omar, who is having visions of ghosts while incarcerated, was in fact homeless in Rochester, what does that say about Catholic Charities work in that city?

Come to think of it, I saw somewhere that those two Somali women who face 30 years in prison have between them 11 kids, is Catholic Charities going to take care of the kids?  They should. They won’t.  The taxpayer will.