Australian (immigrant) children carry signs calling for beheadings

In yet another protest (supposedly!) against that really goofy anti-Islam youtube trailer (you know the one Hillary and Susan Rice blame for the death of a US Ambassador in Libya), anti-America rioters injured police officers in Sydney, Australia.

If you’ve been following RRW’s reporting on Australian refugees and bogus asylum seekers you know that the country is having a horrible time with illegal aliens calling themselves refugees coming ashore by the thousands.  The majority of the aliens are Muslims.

So, when you see news like this outrageous story, don’t you wonder why Australia is so “welcoming.”

From the Sydney Morning Herald this past Sunday:

NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione says he was outraged to see children holding signs that called for the beheading of anti-Islamists at a Sydney protest.

Mr Scipione said it was the actions of “extremist offenders” who turned a peaceful protest violent on Saturday, leaving six police and 17 others injured.

“It was an outrage,” he told reporters in Sydney today.

“To see a young child with a placard thrust in his hand calling for the beheading of a person is simply something I cannot comprehend.

“It’s just not what we teach our children.”

About 300 people had gathered at Sydney Town Hall to condemn a film made in the US that poked fun at the prophet Muhammad.

Be sure to visit the story to see the photos.   Just imagine a kid carrying such a sign in the US!

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