Refugees with TB being readied to enter the US

Readers, I just wrote a post where a federal contractor tells us ‘what is working with refugee resettlement’ and here we go I have the perfect story about what is emphatically not working!

This film from the International Organization for Migration (a federal contractor that prepares refugees to travel to the US) will blow you away.  (Hat tip: Mars)

You may have heard that refugees with inactive Tuberculosis can come to the US (I know that is bad enough), but the IOM is running a facility in Thailand (presumably mostly for Burmese, those same refugees gardening in NYC) where they are treating people with active MULTI-DRUG-RESISTANT TB and attempting to get them well enough to come to your hometown!

Watch the film here (the music is lovely and the nurse is pleasant, but the news is frightening).  And, consider these questions:  who will monitor the refugees to assure they will stay on a prescribed drug regimen?  What if they stop taking drugs, will they become active carriers again?  Who will pay for all this (Obamacare?)?

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