Sweden! One Djiboutian to another, come on over—the living is easy!

You don’t even have to work!

This is another diversity is beautiful report, from Mareeg a Somali on-line news outfit:

According to new report from community organisations in värmland county,85% of new asylum seekers are from Djibouti and Somaliland.

A local Somali source who refused to be named citing security concerns said that, a new wave of Djibouti started to flock to Sweden starting from 2007, this year its estimated that more than 7000 Djiboutians sought asylum in Sweden by falsely claiming that they’re from southern parts of Somalia, particularly lower and middle shabelle regions.

This has led to major problems in the refugee accommodation centers due to the sharp differences in cultures and traditions between Somalis and Djibouti.

Violence occurred due to those sharp language and cultural differences!

Early this year,a Somali teenager from Mogadishu was fatally stabbed in värmland by a man from Djibouti after the teenager insisted that ,the Djiboutian should drink and smoke cannabis outside their shared apartment at refugee accommodation Centre, other violent incidents occurred as result of such misunderstanding and sharp cultural and language differences between the two groups.

According to Eric L, a Swedish social worker in värmland,scores of French speaking Somalis have been noticed in the county which caused major confusion and surprise, since speaking French is uncommon among Somalis from Somalia [but, is the predominant language in Djibouti—ed]. He argued that personally he has been working with Somalis in Sweden for the past fifteen years and never came across such numbers of French speaking Somalis.

Summertime, wintertime, anytime and the livin’ is easy!  Africans! Come one and all to Sweden!

 A Djiboutian who refused to be named in fear of reprisals from his fellow country men, said that he left Djibouti on May this year, and came to Sweden via France. There is no work in Djibouti, corruption is rampant, and its hard to put food on the table there, Life in Sweden is very easy and getting papers is more easier, you don’t even have to work to put food on the table, i advised all my friends and relatives to come here, most of them are on the way, five already arrived and sought asylum, two already managed to get Permanent residence permit (PUT).

Ah, Sweden, that multicultural mecca and its grand experiment with free living for one and all—how is that workin’ out for you now?

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