Comment worth noting: expert on Texas border comments on Greek landmines post

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Here is ‘Freshideaguy’ on the Greek border security strategy (my title for this comment—Saving lives with landmines!):

The landmines did it!

Sounds kind of cruel, but when you are trying to prevent the collapse of your country, it’s economy and the very ability to continue to exist, some type of control over your borders is a necessary restriction that must be made.

In Texas, for instance, the Rio Grande Valley area is a hotbed infiltration point for tens of thousands of illegal immigrants, (read that “gimmie-grants”) that storm into the USA annually, and for those who think that we are talking about Mexicans and Central and South Americans, think again!

At last check, there are more people now coming through the Texas border turnstiles from China, India, Africa, Middle East, Asia than are arriving from Latin America!  [Then they seek asylum!—ed]

What would be the impact if it were possible to stop that flow? In Brooks County, Texas, in 2012, there were more than 120 bodies found in the ranchland, most dying a cruel death in the monstrous Texas heat and buried in mostly anonymous pauper’s graves. All were autopsied and buried at county expense, (Texas State Law), and consider what that does to the county budget. Brooks County is a very poor area.

With landmines, virtually no one would have died trying to enter the USA in this area. Lives saved, money saved, and the enormous resources necessary to service illegals could be applied more appropriately to increasing the support for needy American citizens of all colors.

Right now the “landmines” are sprinkled all over the USA in the form of 1000+ cartel drug distribution centers, and the attendant turmoil created in our towns and cities by the marketing of illegal substances made available to our young people of all colors and millions of other Americans.

Tens of thousands of Americans have been murdered by illegal aliens, killed by drunk driving illegal aliens. Millions of Americans have been victimized in many ways by the presence of the drug infrastructure, countless sex offenders, thieves, burglars, to say nothing of the tens of billions in welfare support for these criminals, money drained from the “empty” pockets of American taxpayers.

Landmines may not be your cup of tea, (they would represent a harsh, but more humane solution), and I don’t recommend them. But enforcement of our immigration laws and the penalties for hiring illegals, (and stop the Obama Cartel from encouraging illegals to come here), would go a long way towards reducing the problem by stopping the illegal immigrant flow before it enters the USA.

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