Roy Beck of NumbersUSA responds to Obama State of the Union on immigration

Beck:  So what good is it to keep jobs in America and fill those jobs with foreign workers here?  That is one of Roy Beck’s (NumbersUSA CEO) observations as he live-streamed the State of the Union address last night.  According to Beck, few people applauded at many of Obama’s immigration comments.   Read all about it here.

Just a reminder that we learned last week that American black males are hurt the most by competition from immigrant labor, here and that Leftist pro-migration activists know and apparently don’t care.

I’m digressing, but I had the pleasure of meeting three black conservative Republicans in Maryland recently who all concur, immigration is considered an extremely important issue in the black community and its just a matter of time before the issue begins to change the black electorate in places like Democrat-controlled Maryland.  Much work is being done to bring that change about.