Pro-migration forces admit black males hurt most by high immigration numbers

The Center for Immigration Studies, David North, reported on a meeting of “pro-migration forces” (that is a much better definition than the usual “open borders” gang I’ve been using), last week where they were trying to figure out where they go now that Amnesty is dead for the next two years.

Check out this shocking admission reported by North (emphasis mine):

On display Thursday was a gently stated, appropriately nuanced discussion of how to deal with immigration policy. The principal speaker was Harry J. Holzer, a former chief economist at the U.S. Department of Labor, and now a Professor of Public Policy at Georgetown University.


Holzer is frankly pro-immigration, but is honest enough to admit that it can be hard on less-skilled resident workers, and particularly black males. He speaks of, among other things, increasing the costs for illegal immigrants, and increasing the benefits for those in legal status, as part of a scheme to restore some order in the labor market. He is an enthusiastic supporter of high-skilled immigration and mentioned no adverse impacts on high-skilled resident workers, which I think is a mistake.

Not only do employers benefit, but so do white-collar, well-educated, rich people, who get nannies and restaurant workers!  Ahhhhh! And we have been led to believe this is all about humanitarianism!

He is also honest enough to acknowledge that it is not only employers who benefit from low-wage workers, it is also consumers generally, including, he said, to a white-collar, well-educated audience, “people like you.” He spoke of how international migration increased the supply of nannies and people who work in “the restaurants that you like.”

North also clearly described the three branches of the pro-migration forces:

It is useful to note that the pro-migration advocates, though allied with each other, come in three different groupings. There are the employers, who want lower wages; there are the ethnic organizations who say, in effect, “Let My People In”; and then there are the intellectuals [ed: read Leftists!], represented Thursday at a session of the foundation-supported Migration Policy Institute.

Read it all!

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