Crime rate up in Omaha Somali neighborhood

Gee, I wonder who the criminals are if they could communicate with the Somali refugees?  This story on the heals of the Minneapolis Somali crime story, here, yesterday.

From Action 3 News:

Omaha, NE- New steps may help keep Somali refugee families, who came to Omaha to find safety, safer. Some have said the crime in South Omaha is so bad, that they don’t even feel safe stepping outside or sending their kids to school.

There were six attacks in two days near the Southside Terrace Apartments, run by the Omaha Housing Authority. The attackers told the families they would come back and kill them if they talk to the police. The families are afraid to open the door, never knowing if the attackers are coming back for more.

I wonder if its going to be “chaotic anarchy” like it already is in another Nebraska city, Grand Island, here.

Who is the resettlement agency in Omaha that is placing refugees in a dangerous neighborhood?