California Christians converting Bhutanese to Christianity

It’s illegal for Christian refugee agencies (taking the big bucks from the federal tax payer) to promote Christianity with refugees they resettle.  However, it seems that, according to this article from the Contra Costa Times, Christian church leaders are actively converting mostly Hindu Bhutanese to Christianity.  I can’t say how big a trend this is based on this one article.  But, what do you (readers) think?

Contra Costa Times begins:

OAKLAND — Of all the wonders the Mainali family hoped to experience in America, salvation through a newfound faith in Jesus Christ was not on the list.

Then the family matriarch, Bishnu Mainali, discovered a Baptist church near downtown Alameda and listened each Sunday to the scripture and sermons. The lifelong Hindu found camaraderie among the friendly congregation and a positive message in the Christian teachings. Now, she is trying to convince her reluctant family it is time to be saved.

“The U.S. is a country of Christians,” said the 64-year-old refugee, speaking at her apartment a few days before Christmas. “We have to move toward the side of the majority.”

Read it all.  Send us your comments.