Waves of Rohingya Muslims still arriving in Thailand…

….and likely will be resettled in the West.

I haven’t written much about Rohingya (a Muslim minority group from Burma) lately (we have 96 posts on them here in a special category).  My interest had been about whether the US State Department was going to resettle them to the US, and once we quietly began doing that and dropping them into the middle of Christian Burmese communities, I got too disgusted to write about it.  Centuries of animosity are not going to be erased just because some Leftists in the State Department and in the contractor community say it will be so.  The American melting pot does not work when Islamic supremacism is involved.

From CNN:

Authorities in Thailand were trying Tuesday to deal with a new group of 67 members of an ethnic Muslim minority that arrived in a boat claiming that they were the victims of persecution.

The new group adds to a recent wave of Rohingya who have recently arrived in southern Thailand, claiming that they have been persecuted in Myanmar.

Their arrival could test Bangkok’s international pledges to treat the Rohingya humanely, two years after Thailand faced international condemnation over secret policies of towing Rohingya back out to sea in unpowered boats with little food and water.

The article goes on to report that there are one thousand Rohingya detained in Thailand at the moment with the Thai government trying to figure out what to do with them.

There must be more Rohingya going to Europe, and particularly Ireland, these days because I see this older post about Rohingya being resettled in Ireland visited a lot recently.

By the way, legitimate asylum seekers are to seek asylum in the first country in which they land, however, our State Department broke that rule (and set a precedent) when they very flagrantly began resettling as refugees economic migrants from Africa who landed on Malta, here.   The practice was set in motion by the Bush Administration and is, no surprise, being continued by the Obama Administration.

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