NumbersUSA’s Roy Beck filed criminal assault charges against SEIU bullies at the March on America

Good for him.  Just now I received an e-mail alert from NumbersUSA about that awful scene at the Marxist Open Borders March last Sunday that I described here.  According to the alert Roy Beck has filed criminal assault charges against the mimes and the SEIU (Service Employee International Union) thug blowing a whistle throughout who looked like he was the ringleader.  Be sure to read Beck’s blog post on what all went down that day, here.

The timing is pretty good on this, just when the Far Left Democrats in Congress are  being cry babies and claiming they are being intimidated, the Marxist gang at SEIU has demonstrated what threatening bullies they are!

From now on, every single threat against a conservative or someone questioning immigration policy should be followed up with an official report to authorities.

And, anyone who really cares about the well-being of immigrants needs to stay clear of the very radical SEIU which simply wants more immigrant members to pay dues and to help vote them into political power.  These are not people motivated by compassion!  They just know how to put on a good humanitarian act.  But, watching those mimes and the whistleblower in the SEIU purple shirt should be all you need to know these are really evil people. 

Let me ask all of you reading this the question that Roy Beck was trying to ask march participants—what will happen to America if the borders are thrown wide open?   Think about it!  Is that what you really want?

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