Increasing number of Haitians coming across US southern border…

…..and arriving in San Diego.   Gee, why San Diego?

From SignOn San Diego:

A record number of Haitians have arrived on America’s southern doorstep, asking for asylum or temporary parole just as the United States is set to resume deportations to Haiti next month — one year after the catastrophic earthquake in the island country.

About 150 Haitian families are accounted for via local charities or border enforcement. While the number is not huge, the growth compared to previous years is astonishing to immigration experts and local advocates and could signify an oncoming wave.

“Historically we have never seen that many,” said Michael McKay, director of refugee services for Catholic Charities, which is assisting 30 families who have applied for asylum or temporary parole. “My suspicion is the door is closing in other places and the word is out that they may be able to get help through the border here.”

Previously, the organization saw one or two Haitians a year, he said. Christ Methodist Church in San Diego is also sponsoring families awaiting immigration proceedings, McKay added.

Currently, 108 Haitians are being detained in San Diego. The majority of those individuals had presented themselves to port of entry officers, said Barbara Gonzales, southern regional spokeswoman for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. In January, there were only four Haitians in custody.


Haiti has been in turmoil since a devastating earthquake Jan. 12 killed more than 230,000 people. Almost immediately, the Obama administration halted deportations and offered a temporary-stay program to those already in the U.S. when the temblor occurred. So far, 61,000 applications for temporary stay have been processed, according to U.S. Citizen and Immigration Services.

61,000 Haitians have applied for Temporary Protected Status (TPS) so far!  Whew!  TPS was granted by the Obama Administration after the Earthquake in Haiti and allowed anyone already (at that time) illegally in the US from Haiti to stay until some date in the future when the TPS would be lifted.   But, guess what, TPS is usually just extended over and over, so they never go home, they become part of the amnesty lobby.

I don’t see how this new wave can get TPS.  It seems to me they would have to apply for asylum and prove some sort of persecution.

Why San Diego?  I think the word is out. Open borders activists are encouraging Haitians to come to San Diego and they probably have lawyers waiting to help them get into the US.

Also, Catholic Charities and not the City, County or State of California is running the refugee/asylee program in San Diego County.  See the Office of Refugee Resettlement list of states and the one county whose refugee programs are now being run by a “church” group federal contractor and the US State Department (we learned about it here just two days ago).  I still don’t get it—why doesn’t the ACLU see a separation of church and state issue with the refugee program.   And, I continue to be amazed that CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) doesn’t squawk about all the Christian and one Jewish federal refugee contractors.  Shush! I bet the State Department is hoping and praying CAIR doesn’t figure it out!

Endnote: Just a reminder that San Diego is also the city with the recent Somali terror probe.  Here we have a whole bunch of stories archived on San Diego Somalis and terror investigations and arrests.  It appears also that San Diego was a point of departure for some of the Somali missing youths who left Minnesota beginning in 2008 (maybe earlier) to return to Africa for jihad training with Al-Shabaab.

Kansas City vote fraud case growing by the day

Unbelievable!  The Speaker of the House in Missouri may not seat the legislator who won his primary by one vote amid allegations of blatant vote fraud.  One of the charges involves Somali voters who may not have been eligible to vote and were apparently instructed on how to vote.

I first told you about this story here, and here is the latest shoe to drop at the Post-Dispatch:

Speaker of the House Steve Tilley says he may refuse to seat a new representative from Kansas City because of allegations of voter fraud in the Democratic primary.

Such a move would be exceedingly rare but allowed under Missouri law, and it would cast a bright light on a topic Republicans in Missouri have been pushing unsuccessfully for several years: the concept of requiring every voter to present a photo ID when voting.

Supporters of voter ID legislation say it is needed to prevent fraud, but they’ve had scant evidence of actual fraud in Missouri. Tilley said Republicans expect to push a similar bill this year, and while he said he hesitates to politicize the allegations in the Kansas City race, he is sure the evidence will give pause to those who don’t believe voter fraud exists.

Tilley was presented this month with a nearly 100-page document alleging widespread voter fraud from failed Democratic candidate Will Royster, who lost the primary in the 40th legislative district to John J. Rizzo by a single vote.


Throughout primary election day, an unidentified Rizzo supporter brought groups of voters to various precincts who appeared to be Somalis who did not speak or read English. According to affidavits from several election judges, the Rizzo supporter handed out the ballots and told the Somalis to vote for Rizzo.

It sure beats me why anyone would object to producing a photo ID in order to vote.

Canada: Ugandan refugee got rich by stealing coins every day

This is a really old story and I don’t know why it was published just today in Canada, but it’s definitely worth a read.

From the Edmonton Journal:

This city has spawned many cunning and crafty con artists, but few were as colourful as Salim Kara.

It was 14 years ago that the Ugandan refugee made headlines, but his crime shocked an entire city.
Kara stole nearly $2.4 million from Edmontonians — and he did it one coin at a time.

Hired in 1981 to repair light rail transit fare boxes, he began pilfering coins almost immediately. When loonies were introduced in 1987, he must have thought he hit the jackpot, boosting his take to $900 a day.

For 13 years, he stole, and despite a couple of audits and an incriminating videotape, he got away with it.

Neighbours wondered why a man who lived in a million dollar home in posh Whitemud Creek drove to work in a dilapidated 1977 Chev Malibu, a vehicle that was almost 17 years old when he was finally arrested in Sept. 27, 1994.

Read it all to see the African’s detailed scam and how he got away with it for so long.  I wonder what he is doing now, the article doesn’t say.

Norway fears that Somali terror recruitment happening there

No surprise is it?   We just posted on the Dutch Somalis arrested over an alleged Christmas holiday plot in the Netherlands.  Now this!

From The Foreigner:

An anonymous informant in Gothenburg that broke away from Al-Shabaab tells NRK that members of the group recruit young Somalis living in Scandinavia.

“It happens in mosques, but Imams are not involved. Other, less visible people come to mosques to recruit youngsters who are vulnerable and easily-led.”

Last Saturday’s suicide bomb attack in the heart of Stockholm put the possibility of terror firmly on the Norwegian menu, according to the Police Security Service (PST). It suspects fundraising for the organization is taking place in Norwegian territory.

Janne Kristiansen, head of the PST, has previously warned that terror organizations in Somalia, Pakistan, and Afghanistan are recruiting Norwegian youths.

Leader of the Somali Network in Norway, Bashe Musse, says he knows of specific cases where parents have travelled with their children to Somalia to join Al-Shabaab. He is concerned what might happen if they return here and meet the Norwegian values.

“It might be tough for them to accept our society, dress, freedom of speech, and such things. I do not know what they can do, but I’m afraid they might blow themselves [and others-ed] up,” he says.

Read it all.

Cutting out the State, Catholic Charity and feds decide refugee policy in Tennessee

In my previous post I mentioned that Catholic Charities and the US Conference of Catholic Bishops are resettling refugees of all religions pretty much wherever they set up an office.   Now, we learn that Catholic Charities of Tennessee doesn’t need any involvement from the State to run the federal refugee program there.  I guess there isn’t much of a States Rights movement in Tennessee these days?

In my opinion this is one more erosion of the rights granted to states by the 10th Amendment to the US Constitution.   Let’s get some lawyers on this!

From The Chattanoogan:

The Tennessee Office for Refugees (TOR) at Catholic Charities of Tennessee has been designated by the U.S. Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR), a division of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, to administer $9+ million in annual federal funding for refugee services statewide for the next four years.

TOR previously was ORR’s interim replacement designee in Tennessee to administer funds and services after a decision in late 2007 by the State of Tennessee’s Department of Human Services to cease participation in the refugee programs. TOR now has “permanent” status under the Wilson-Fish (WF) program, an alternative to traditional state-administered refugee resettlement programs. The Tennessee Office for Refugees at Catholic Charities is one of 13 Wilson-Fish programs in the United States.

Doesn’t the state legislature in Tennessee have some say about what rights the TN Department of Human Services can just give away?

If you live in one of these 10 states or one county, you too have given your state’s rights away (or partially away) to an open borders non-profit (a federal contractor) and the federal government:







North Dakota

South Dakota



San Diego County