So what is going on in Lancaster, PA? More refugees than the city can handle?

Update May 20th:  Church World Service—thousands upon thousands resettled to Lancaster, here! You know Lancaster—the home of the Amish.  Not! I’m going to tell you about one of my favorite testimonies sent to the US State Department two weeks ago for the May 1 scoping meeting to hear from “stakeholders” (that is government talk for […]

Hagerstown Refugee article: a story I have been sitting on (Part 1)

This article has been sitting around in my list of potential posts since August 3rd.  I’ve started to post on it several times, but didn’t want to get into a big dissertation on how refugee resettlement in Hagerstown inspired the creation of this blog, but decided when I saw the article published at another site […]

Puff piece on Virginia Council of Churches refugee program needs some balance

Yesterday I told you what a great year we have had at Refugee Resettlement Watch—over 100,000 visitors to this site to learn more about the refugee program in the US.  You have the Virginia Council of Churches (VCC) to thank for that!    I have been meaning to write about them anyway because this time last year […]

What is the truth about HIV and refugees?

Yesterday the Washington Post published an opinion piece by Andrew Sullivan who says that all immigrants with HIV aids are barred from the US.     He begins “Phobia at the Gates”: Twelve countries ban HIV-positive visitors, nonimmigrants and immigrants from their territory: Armenia, Brunei, Iraq, Libya, Moldova, Oman, Qatar, the Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, South […]

Haitian Immigrant brought AIDS to US

This report, originally from Reuters, was published all over the world yesterday. The strain of HIV that touched off the US AIDS epidemic and fueled the global scourge of the disease came to the continent from Africa via Haiti, according to a study released Monday. ——- “Haiti was the stepping stone the virus took when […]

Why do we need volags?

Your tax dollars:  Last week at the forum in Hagerstown on Refugee Resettlement the first question may have been the most important.  Louise Dawson, a lifelong resident of Hagerstown, asked why can’t Refugee Resettlement be run completely by the government and the churches could just volunteer to help?   Here is the Herald-Mail’s coverage of what she […]

Family Reunification–opportunity for fraud?

Did you know that refugees can apply to bring family members to America and the refugee becomes the sponsor for more refugees?  The volags (non-profit groups funded by you) take the applications for the extended family members and then are paid by the head for the additional refugees they resettle. Anecdotal stories abound about how easy it is to defraud […]

Inviting Perspectives

If you were at the Refugee Resettlement Forum in Hagerstown on September 19, and if you have some knowledge or insight you would like to share about the issues that were discussed or anything else about the Forum, please send your comments to us. We will publish short posts — no more than three paragraphs […]

More on Hagerstown snow storm—how to trick the public

As I mentioned previously,  I had high hopes for straight answers at the Hagerstown Refugee Resettlement forum on September 19.    Here is an example of how government officials confuse the public:   The question, asked of the US State Department, went something like this (shortened here):  Doesn’t Refugee Resettlement cost the taxpayers about one billion a year?   But, the […]