Canadian blogger says its not too late to reform immigration and save Canada

You should all visit this blog from Canada entitled:  “Canadian Immigration Reform Blog.”   Paxcanadiana today quotes from a column published in the Vancouver Courier about the Macleans trial/Mark Steyn and then makes further comments of his own. 

A realistic solution to Canada’s woes is to limit Canada’s immigration intake while initiating policies that encourages the growth of the nation’s birth rate. The natural birth rate is the most effective means of population growth, not mass immigration. To have to solely rely on immigration is an embarrassment and a symptom of a dying society that sees no worth in it’s self preservation. This is cultural suicide. Do we Canadians and our government see no worth in ourselves that population replacement via mass immigration is more preferable to self preservation? If so then maybe Canada is not worth saving after all. 

Many of you may have followed Steyn’s inquisition before the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal.  He got in trouble for simply saying that Muslim immigration to Europe and the high birthrates of those immigrants would one day turn Europe into a Muslim continent.  

UN Rep: Conditions improved for Rohingya, some resettled, no help for criminals

Speaking in Bangladesh on World Refugee Day, a UNHCR representative had this to say about the Rohingya Muslim refugees.   The whole article is here.

Speaking as the chief guest at the discussion, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Representative Pia Prytz Phiri said, “Thousands of people in Bangladesh are getting displaced due to poverty, limited arable land and river erosion.” We need to be conscious about their protection, she added.

Phiri said she was happy that the situation of around 27,500 Rohingya refugees in two camps in Cox’s Bazar is now much better in terms of education, health, housing, water and sanitation, which was in precarious condition just two years ago.

She further said some developed countries like Canada, the UK and New Zealand have agreed for resettlement of some Rohingyas, but this scheme is limited.

Referring to reported criminal activities by the Rohingyas, the UNHCR representative said, “If some refugees are criminals, we are not going to protect them. Police should take actions as per laws.”

Here is a question for those who have criticized this blog for suggesting that some Rohingya are not the sort we want to bring to America, why would anyone even mention the word “criminal” in the context of a discussion about Rohingya if there wasn’t some evidence of Rohingya criminal activity?

For additional background on this controversial subject see Rohingya Reports here.

Saskatoon, Canada getting 200 refugees soon

Just as in the US, Canada is spreading out refugees across its entire geographic landscape (see map for Saskatoon).   World Refugee Day yesterday inspired all sorts of news releases, it was a great news ‘hook’ to repeat how great refugees are for communities.  

The Honourable Diane Finley, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, today announced funding to help refugees settle and succeed in Saskatoon.

The Saskatoon Open Door Society will receive over $260,000 and Global Gathering Place will receive over $65,000 to help up to 200 refugees begin their new lives in Saskatchewan.

“Canada is a blessed country, and the Government of Canada is committed to helping those truly in need to begin their new lives in Canada,” said Minister Finley. “As we celebrate World Refugee Day later this week, these services will help them along their journey. The hopes and dreams they bring with them will help build a richer and stronger Canada.”

Falling on June 20, World Refugee Day is an annual opportunity to honour the courage of the millions of refugees and displaced people around the world.

This post is just FYI for our Canadian readers.  There is some contact information at the end of the news release in case you need to reach Canadian refugee officials.  You might want to find out where the 200 new refugees are coming from.

Islamic sharia law creates gay and lesbian refugees

I’ve read about this before, but yesterday I came across this account of two Iranian men, one a successful  businessman and the other a university student, now living in destitution in Turkey and trying to get refugee status from the United Nations in order to be resettled in the West.   Islamic sharia law in some countries prescribes the death penalty for gays and lesbians.  

Just two years ago, Arash and Javad (not their real names), two young Iranian men were building their future together. Arash was pursuing a successful career in Iran’s financial sector and Javad was a university student in Tehran. Now the men live in abject poverty in a remote area of Turkey. They have no income and are frequently forced to scavenge for food in their neighbors’ trashcans. Javad, a diabetic, needs regular monitoring and medication, which he cannot afford. His health has deteriorated to the point where he regularly suffers diabetic comas.

How did two young, upwardly mobile Iranians end up in such dire circumstances? The answer to this question is simple. Arash and Javad are gay men forced to flee their country as refugees. According to the Iranian penal code, homosexual conduct is a crime that is punishable by death.

Read the rest of the story here.

This is what I don’t get, why aren’t national and international organizations which defend gay and lesbian rights speaking out more forcefully about Islam’s persecution of people for their sexual orientation.   It’s just like the women’s groups, such as NOW, remaining silent on the abuses of women and girls.   The silence about Islamic honor killings, female genital mutilation and forced marriages of young girls to old men is deafening.

There are only two possible answers.  Either the groups are chicken to speak out or somehow they have it in their collective heads that criticism of anything relating to Islam is somehow racist and something that right-wingers do and so they let terrible abuses continue without comment.   Shame on you!

Volunteers are good for refugees, while volag lets them down

This is a story I missed from earlier in the month.   It’s a touching story from North Carolina about how a couple of women have been a Godsend to Burmese Karen Christian refugees who felt abandoned.   Read the whole story here.

There is a single sentence near the end of the article that caught the eye of one of our readers.

Paw Yeh shared how deserted her family felt when a refugee caseworker dropped them off at their Carrboro apartment with two days of rice and not even so much as a blanket.

Which volag left these poor scared people with some rice and nothing else?    Was it Lutheran Family Services, World Relief, or possibly the US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants, all paid government contractors operating in North Carolina?

Reforms needed

We see over and over again in differant parts of the country where the volags are actually discouraging citizen volunteer help with refugees while one of the important reforms we have advocated is increased involvement by the public with the care and assimilation of refugees, not less.    Had a church or other group been lined up to greet and care for this family they would never have been “dropped off” to an empty apartment.