Obama White House admits lie involving Uncle Omar

Come on media—vet this guy!

As we reported here the other day, Onyango Obama told a Boston court that he had indeed met his famous nephew when Obama stayed with him for several weeks in the 1980’s.

Now, the White House is admitting the press office lied when they told everyone that the President had never met his illegal alien uncle—-but as has become the pattern, it was not the President’s fault, of course not! the press office is taking the blame.

So, how many more lies are there?

Here is the Boston Globe follow-up:

President Obama acknowledged Thursday that he lived with his Kenyan uncle for a brief period in the 1980s while preparing to attend Harvard Law School, contradicting a statement more than two years ago that the White House had no record of the two ever meeting.

Their relationship came into question Tuesday at the deportation hearing of the president’s uncle, Onyango Obama, in Boston immigration court. His uncle had lived in the United States illegally since the 1970s and revealed for the first time in testimony that his famous nephew had stayed at his Cambridge apartment for about three weeks. At the time, Onyango Obama was here illegally and fighting deportation.

On Thursday, a White House official said the press office had not fully researched the relationship between the president and his uncle before telling the Globe in 2011 that it had no record of the two meeting. This time, press office staff members asked the president directly, which they said they had not done in 2011. [What else have they not asked Obama?  Is it time to ask more questions?—-ed]

“The president first met Omar Obama when he moved to Cambridge for law school,” said White House spokesman Eric Schultz. “The president did stay with him for a brief period of time until his apartment was ready. After that, they saw each other once every few months, but after law school they fell out of touch. The president has not seen him in 20 years, has not spoken with him in 10.”  [Even that isn’t plausible, if the man is your father’s brother, one would have to be a real creep not to check up on him.—ed]

This next section of the Globe story reveals so much about the media love affair with Obama.  If I recall “Dreams from my Father” correctly, Obama specifically says Uncle Omar was missing in America and NO one knew where he was.   Remember Obama (Bill Ayers) wrote dreams after Harvard and thus after he stayed with Onyango in Boston.

President Obama had written in his memoir, “Dreams from My Father,” that he had met Zeituni Onyango, his aunt. But his relationship with his uncle, nicknamed Omar, was less clear.

The Washington Post consulted scholars!  Which scholars?  Leftwing college professors?

In November 2011, a White House spokesman told the Globe he had no record of the two ever meeting. The Washington Post had also reported that scholars believed the two had never met.

The White House never moved to correct the record, until the president’s fiercely private uncle took the witness stand in Boston immigration court two days ago.   [Of course they wouldn’t correct the record, they had become so accustomed to getting a pass from the sycophants in the media!—ed]

It is time now (past time) for the media to do what they should have done in 2008—check out this guy’s story!

Imam sentenced in $3.8 million food stamp scam in Ohio

This is an update of a story we posted back in 2011, here and here (guns were involved), about a large food stamp fraud scheme with a local mosque leader at the heart of it.

I’m wondering what’s up with all the food stamp fraud news coming across my desk in recent weeks.  I’m wondering if the feds held up arrests and court decisions until after the election—after all, no need to unnecessarily rile up voters in advance of November 6th on such a touchy issue as food stamp fraud.

Here is the latest on the sentencing of Al-Idu Al-Gaheem, Imam of a Dayton-area mosque.

He could have gotten four years in the slammer, but he judge gave him one year and one day!   $3.8 million is a big haul!

A federal judge on Thursday sentenced Al-Idu Al-Gaheem to one year and one day in prison for his role in a scheme that bilked $3.8 million from the federal food stamp program.

Al-Gaheem, the former owner of two Dayton View businesses and the imam of Masjid At-Taqwa mosque*, was the second of four defendants to be sentenced in the case. All four defendants have pleaded guilty.

Al-Gaheem faced as many as four years in prison after he pleaded guilty in August to felony charges of conspiracy to commit money laundering and conspiracy to commit wire fraud, food stamp trafficking and structuring transactions to avoid reporting requirements.

Al-Gaheem and co-conspirators knew what they were doing, in the usual 50 cents on the dollar scam:

Al-Gaheem worked and conspired with Abdul Yamini Sr., Abdul Qadir and Omar Yahya to defraud the food-assistance program. The men illegally paid customers 50 cents in cash for every $1 in food stamp benefits they redeemed.

Undercover law enforcement agents caught the defendants illegally trading cash for food stamp benefits and buying and selling products that are ineligible through the program, such as counterfeit clothing and firearms.

Authorities estimate that more than 1,000 transactions took place at Five Pillars Market that involved the illegal exchange of food benefits. The federal government deposited about $3.8 million into bank accounts controlled by Al-Gaheem and others as reimbursement for food benefits redeemed at Five Pillars.

Al-Gaheem repeatedly withdrew large amounts of cash from the bank account, but he always took out sums that were just less than the threshold that requires the filing of federal financial reports.


Al-Gaheem’s attorney James Fleisher argued that justice would best be served by placing his client on probation or house arrest, because Al-Gaheem is an important part of his community and some family members depend on him for caregiving and financial support.

LOL!  When he gets out he will be ordered to pay the money back that he stole (oops, received through redistribution) from you!

In addition to prison, Black also ordered Al-Gaheem to be placed on three years of community control after his release.

Al-Gaheem and the other co-defendants in the case will be ordered to pay $3.8 million in restitution to the federal government, even though authorities doubt that they can even come close to paying back the money they stole.

* Very very interesting!  Just now checking out Al-Gaheem’s mosque, I learned that Patrick Poole wrote about it here in 2008 because they invited an “Islamic hate sheikh” to Dayton.  Here is how Poole begins his Frontpage article:

Khalid Yasin is one of the most notorious Islamic hate sheikhs in the world today. He had been widely condemned from the US to Britain to Australia for his virulent Wahhabist extremism, his intense anti-Americanism (despite the fact that he is an American-born convert), his justification of Islamic terrorism, his wild-eyed conspiracy theories, and his outright racial and religious bigotry.

How much do you want to bet that some of your food stamp dollars were redistributed to Yasin!

The Cubans are coming, but how many?

A reminder as you read this story:  “Economic migrants” are not refugees or asylees.  Refugees must prove that they are being persecuted, not simply that they want a better life economically and a job (or social services!).

Breitbart posted this UPI story over the weekend, and just now I wanted to check my usual places where I find statistics (and where I’ve told you to find stats) on arrivals, but all I get now is some DOTNETNUKE server telling me I have to download something else to get to the WRAPS website. See what you get when you go to www.wrapsnet.org.    Of course it could be me, but I am assuming the State Department is now making it harder for us to see the numbers.

So, that’s  one more reason why it’s important for the Office of Refugee Resettlement to do its job—required by law!—to send an annual report to Congress, as I mentioned here yesterday so that the Congress and you—the taxpayer—know how many you are paying for.  They have not followed the law for all of Obama’s years in office! and the squishes in Congress don’t demand it!

Here is the Breitbart post on Cuba:

The number of Cubans arriving in the United States without visas has risen sharply in the past year, U.S. officials say.

There has been a surge in Cubans traveling to the United States from other countries — including Spain, Ecuador, Mexico and Canada — the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reported. Greater numbers are also traveling by boat to Florida.


About 20,000 Cubans arrive every year on scheduled flights from Havana with visas. No one keeps an exact count of the others, but refugee groups estimate it is about 10,000 a year.

The Coast Guard detained 1,275 Cubans on boats intercepted before they reached Florida in the 12-month period ending Sept. 30. That was the highest number since 2008.

“The influx of Cubans into the U.S. is increasing,” said Ernesto Cuesta, who runs programs for Haitian and Cuban refugees for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops in Miami. The young people we are seeing are desperate. There is no hope in Cuba.”  [The Bishops should know since they are a federal contractor paid to take care of them—ed]

The hundreds of comments to the article are more interesting then this confusing story.

One commenter says that contrary to popular wisdom that Cuban-Americans vote  largely Republican, not so this time (Romney won Cuban Americans in Florida by a tiny margin, here).  Another says that non-citizen Cubans (refugees are not automatically citizens!) are voting in Florida and another, ‘Rushbabe’, (on why they are here and coming in larger numbers) says:  Freebies, from our newly re-elected Santa Claus.

To get an idea of how many Cubans are entering the US through the refugee program, you will have to visit the most recent annual report to Congress, here, for 2008 because I can’t get to that WRAPS website I mentioned above.  (The Obama Administration owes Congress for 2009, 2010, 2011 and soon 2012).   There are only two possibilities for why these have not been completed—incompetence or they are hiding something. 

Oh, and by the way, we have a refugee office in Cuba processing “refugees” into the US.

Go to the Appendix Tables, here (scroll down to near the end of the report).  On page A-1 (Table I) you can see that we brought over 345,000 Cubans through the refugee program into the US from 1983-2008.   That’s about 13,000 on average per year.  However, note that in 2008, the number has risen to 23,000 plus (and for the previous five years the numbers were over 20,000 each year).

Again, these are just the “refugee” numbers for Cubans, not numbers for all those who came into the US illegally.  As refugees they are eligible for most of the welfare goodies we offer—food stamps, Section 8 housing, medical care, SSI, education and the list goes on!

Now check out Table II and you can see that most went to Florida.   But, you should really enjoy checking out who all went to your state!

New Obama policy: LGBT immigrants cannot be deported if in homosexual relationship

It’s official now.

Presumably includes illegal aliens…..

From Human Rights Brief (title: US Recognizes LGBT rights for Immigration, Asylum and Refugee Purposes)

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) stated as official, written policy that non-U.S. citizens in long-term same-sex relationships with U.S. citizens and facing deportation are eligible to have their deportations suspended under a 2011 policy of prosecutorial discretion. Under this administrative framework, U.S. law does not change but DHS will not enforce existing orders of removal for this particular class. The DHS policy under the Obama administration has been to focus enforcement resources on deporting unauthorized aliens who pose a security risk to the United States, and consider other factors when a person is not a risk. If an immigrant does not have past criminal convictions, immigration officials deciding whether to pursue removal are instructed to consider factors such as family relationships and the age at which the individual entered the United States.  The new instructions clarify that “family relationships” can include same-sex partnerships.

DHS officials previously indicated that that LGBT partners are protected under the prosecutorial discretion policy, but this is the first time the department has clarified that position in written instructions to its enforcement officers. The guidelines will prevent confusion in the field and also serve as documentation that can strengthen individuals’ cases for deferment after they have been apprehended. However, because the program is only an administrative policy, it can be withdrawn under a subsequent presidential administration.

So, here is the trick—enter the US illegally and find a same-sex partner and bam!—you are in!  And, truth be told, no one is coming into the bedroom to check-out your claim.

Oh, and by the way, look for more edicts like this from the Obama Administration if Romney should win tomorrow.  For the next two months they will be busy doing more of this and then if Romney tries to change it later, he will be called out as a racist homophobe—a twofer for the extreme Left wing!

Poll: 40% of American Muslims want Shariah Law rather than American law

Editors note:  This is cross-posted from Potomac Tea Party Report, my other blog, here.

WND poll:  Four in 10 said Muslims in America should not be judged by U.S. law and the Constitution, but by Islamic Shariah law.

That is the crux of this article a few days ago from World Net Daily.

Another interesting statistic is that 46% want to limit free speech and see criminal prosecution of anyone who criticizes Islam.   So, much for the myth that Muslim immigrants who come to America want to be just like us, and to share our Constitution based on freedom of speech and the liberties that spring from that.

Here is the story from reporter Bob Unruh:

Nearly half of 600 Muslim-American citizens polled who plan to vote in the 2012 presidential election believe parodies of Muhammad should be prosecuted criminally in the U.S., and one in eight say the offense is so serious violators should face the death penalty.

The results came in a groundbreaking scientific poll for WND by the public-opinion research and media consulting company Wenzel Strategies. It was taken Oct. 22-26 and carries a margin of error of plus or minus 3.98 percentage points.

The poll also found 40 percent of Muslims in America believe they should not be judged by U.S. law and the Constitution, but by Shariah standards.

And the big winner among Muslim-Americans in the presidential election is Barack Obama, the poll found. More than 72 percent said they are definitely supporting Obama, and another 8.5 percent are leaning that direction. Only 11 percent are for Romney.


“Almost half of those Muslims surveyed – an astonishing 46 percent – said they believe those Americans who offer criticism or parodies of Islam should face criminal charges,” said pollster Fritz Wenzel in an analysis of the survey’s results.

The poll was conducted among Muslims who have been here long enough to have gained citizenship:

Virtually all of the respondents (98 percent) are American citizens and 97 percent are registered to vote.

So how many people are we talking about?

If this (total Muslim population) is correct and the poll is fairly representative (although since the respondents are citizens one would think the general Muslim non-citizen population would even be more anti-US Constitution than this group).

The Pew Research Center estimates America is home to some 2.6 million Muslims.


~ 1,040,000 Muslims in America want Shariah Law

~ 1,196,000 want you to be criminally prosecuted for criticizing Islam

~ 187,200 would like to see you executed for parodying Mohammed   (Remember these respondents are 98% US citizens already, we are not talking about the third worlders who just got here!—ed)

~ 858,000 believe that Israel does not have a right to exist or were not sure.

~  One fifth of the Muslim men surveyed said they want more than one wife in America.  Watch for it!  After gay marriage the next big push for “human rights” will be polygamy!

Readers should know that through various LEGAL immigration programs (asylum, refugee resettlement, diversity visa lottery, temporary protected status, investor visas and the list goes on) we are bringing in thousands and thousands of Muslims to become permanent residents from Iraq, Somalia, Egypt, etc. to the US each year.

An afterthought:  No wonder CAIR was so ticked-off at the Republicans for the anti-shariah law platform plank, here.