A quick note to readers….

Well the good news is that our readership jumped to 65,000 over our normal daily reader average yesterday as a result of the sudden interest (AP=After Paris) in a federal program that has been quietly going on across America for 35 years.
The bad news for me is that there is so much news it’s impossible to sort through it all by myself and prioritize it, let alone deal with the avalanche of e-mails with questions and with media requests.  I apologize.  I simply can’t begin to read it all, let alone respond.
For the immediate future, I can’t accept any more radio interview requests, or I won’t get anything written!  I’ll be trying to focus that writing where I can highlight important messages/principles that I see need to be addressed in the midst of all the excitement.  And, I plan to try to get to more research of the data so we continue to have our facts straight.
Please send me breaking news as you see it, but put NEWS TIP in the subject line so it isn’t buried.   Thank you so much.  Let’s hope and pray this is a real turning point in how the UN/US State Department Refugee Admissions Program is administered and not just a sensationalist event AP.
For those of you arriving here for the very first time, there are over 7,000 posts archived at RRW, the easiest way to find something is to use the search function, see our FAQs page, here, or go to this weekly roundup (scroll to New Readers) for more tips on using RRW.   If you use the search window one thing you could start with is the name of your state and see what we have said about it over the last eight years.