Aljazeera: Refugee Promotors Tell Biden What He Must Do ASAP

Becca Heller

The International Refugee Assistance Project (a relatively new organization run by Becca Heller which acts as a legal mouthpiece for the refugee resettlement industry) has released a ninety page document that outlines the steps any Biden/Harris administration must take to unravel President Trump’s efforts to slow the flow of poverty, disease, and potential terrorists to your towns and cities.

Indeed IRAP (also funded by you!) has been a leading legal group working to stop Trump at every turn for the last four years.

Here is what Aljazeera says about the release of their directive to Biden.

Refugee advocates urge Biden to ‘rebuild’ US asylum system

Refugee advocates in the United States are calling on President-elect Joe Biden to reverse some of Donald Trump’s most restrictive immigration policies, including historic-low admission quotas for asylum seekers, when he takes office in January.

Rebuilding the US refugee programme may take time, said Becca Heller, executive director of the International Refugee Assistance Project (IRAP) advocacy group, but it is critical for thousands of asylum seekers waiting for their claims to be heard.

[Note that they are already signaling that they can’t quickly unravel what Trump has accomplished—ed]

“The refugee program may take some time to rebuild, but the thousands of refugees who have already been waiting in limbo for years don’t have any more time,” Heller told Al Jazeera in an emailed statement.

The US Refugee Admissions Program was severely limited under the Trump administration, which has enacted increasingly restrictive refugee admission quotas and slashed refugee acceptance by more than 80 percent from the last year of former President Barack Obama’s administration.

IRAP released recommendations on Friday for the incoming Biden administration to address refugee and asylum seeker admissions into the country – and “rebuild” that federal admissions programme.

The recommendations, Expanding Complementary Pathways for Refugees and Displaced Persons: A Blueprint for the US Government (PDF), point to six main areas where action can be taken, including family reunification, private sponsorship and labour pathways for refugees.

Biden has signalled his openness to expanding refugee admissions.

Pay attention to this next bit!  They want to set a MINIMUM number of refugees that MUST be admitted every year because they never want a repeat of President Trump’s lowering the ceiling upon attaining the presidency.

He promised to set a refugee admissions target of 125,000 a year and work with Congress to establish a minimum admissions number of at least 95,000 refugees annually in June, on World Refugee Day, in line with historical averages.

Biden must FREEZE deportations!

The incoming Biden administration is also expected to put in place a 100-day freeze on deportations until updated guidance is issued.


Addressing the issues in the US asylum and refugee systems facing “is a huge task”, he [JC Hendrickson, senior director of public policy at the International Rescue Committee (IRC)]said. “The world will be watching how we manage this.”

And, so will 70 plus million Americans who will resist a Biden regime!

More here.  So far I only see Aljazeera writing about the IRAP directive for Biden.

Legal Group Suing Trump is Taxpayer Funded Too!

This is how progressives do it!  They set up overtly political organizations masquerading as simply humanitarian enterprises and get most of their operating capital from taxpayers!

When I wrote yesterday’s post about the three refugee resettlement contractors, Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, Church World Service and Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service***, hiring a legal firm to sue the President over his September Executive Order, I wondered who funded the International Refugee Assistance Project?

The lawsuit aims to stop the Trump Administration from taking local citizens concerns into account when the feds (with their paid contractors) place refugees quietly into communities large and small.

They will argue in court that refugee law already has a process for taking local concerns into account, but if they think the quarterly consultations are sufficient, let me tell you they are not!

At the local level the contractors and their government supporters do everything in their power (including locking doors and changing meeting locations) to block attendance of critics of the program.

And, of course quarterly consultations are done after the town or city has become a resettlement city.  There is no process in place to give citizens an opportunity to speak up before the city has been chosen.

As I said yesterday, I suspect this is all about attacking Trump AND raking in more money for the organizations bringing the suit.

Here is what you should know about the International Refugee Assistance Project created just last year and headed by Becca Heller.

They are a project of a New York City-based supposedly charitable organization called the Urban Justice Center, set up over three decades ago to protect vulnerable poor people in New York.

Here is what wikipedia reports:

Another warrior for the poor who rakes in hundreds of thousands in compensation annually!

The Urban Justice Center is a non-profit legal services and advocacy organization serving the New York City area. It is known as an incubator for progressive programs and initiatives and for being a significant legal presence in the struggles of New York’s poverty stricken and minority populations.


The UJC sponsors the International Refugee Assistance Project (IRAP), which works to organize law students and lawyers to develop and enforce legal and human rights for refugees and displaced persons. They have offices in New York City, Jordan, and Lebanon. IRAP is a plaintiff in the 2017 decision International Refugee Assistance Project v. Trump and co-counsel in Darweesh v. Trump. [Someone will need to update wikipedia with their latest stop Trump case—ed]

The Urban Justice Center is largely funded with taxpayer dollars!

According to the most recent Form 990 available, the UJC pulled in $19.4 million in government grants in a total income stream that year of $31.2 million, making them 62% taxpayer funded!

Tell your kids to grow up to be CEOs of non-profit ‘charities!’

Head honcho Lasdon received $224,873 in direct compensation and another $8,995 in other compensation from the organization or related organizations.

I’m chuckling as I recall telling a young friend who worked for peanuts for another NYC charity for poor people to look up how much the CEO was making.  My friend was shocked and didn’t stay much longer….

*** In case you think I’m picking on HIAS, I’ll shortly have my posts done on CWS and LIRS!  They are even more heavily funded by you—the taxpayers of America!