Iranian news agency takes note of US Muslim population numbers from Pew

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Photo Mehr used to accompany the story

I noticed over the last few days that news agencies around the world seemed to be fixated on the Pew Research conclusion that Muslims will over take Jews as the second largest ‘religious’ group in America by ? (predictions on how soon vary!).
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But, this morning I was surprised to see that the huge Iranian news agency—Mehr News Agency—was paying so much attention that it appears to have lifted in its entirety World Net Daily‘s story on the findings.  (It might have left out a few bits of Leo Hohmann’s report, I didn’t analyze all of it, but enough to see that it was lifted mostly verbatim.)
I could find no attribution given to WND.
The fact that my name came up in an alert for a story at an Iranian news outlet is what inspired me to go have a look.

Iranian TV calling Mali conflict “the French war on Mali;” blame the French for refugee crisis

This is actually funny if it weren’t so serious.

“French War on Mali increases Refugees,” from Press TV (Official Iranian English language news outlet):

The number of Malian people crossing into neighboring countries goes on to rise amid the French-led war on Mali.

According to reports by the United Nations, over 4,000 Malian refugees have arrived in Mauritania alone since January 11, when France launched a war on Mali under the pretext of halting the advance of fighters in the country.

Just some random fighters?  Not Jihadists trying to control the country?

They go on to tell readers about the terrible plight of refugees created by the FRENCH.

And, why did France launch this war?  To steal the resources of Mali, what else?

Press TV:

Some political analysts believe that Mali’s abandoned natural resources, including gold and uranium reserves, could be one of the reasons behind the French war.

If you missed it last Saturday we reported that a Leftist agitation group in Illinois is already calling for temporary refugee status for Malians already in the US, here.

Next week: Iran to bully Burma over Rohingya

Update January 6th:  Iran sending humanitarian aide to Rohingya in Burma, here.  I have a better idea, Iran should just take them home to Iran as refugees and care for them there.

I’ve been telling you lately that Iran and the OIC are pressuring Burma over the Rohingya Muslim issue.  Here is just one more story about a trip by Iranian legislators planned for next week.

I have an idea!  Why don’t all those Muslim countries including Iran just divvy up the Rohingya and take them to their Muslim countries instead of pressuring Buddhist Burma to break their country’s bank by caring for all the destitute Rohingya.  Everyone will live happily ever after!

Hey, isn’t that a good plan all around?  Rich Middle Eastern countries like Saudi Arabia could set an example of Muslim charity both with the Rohingya and with the Palestinians and take them in. *

From Iranian news agency Ahlul Bayt News Agency:

(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) – The representatives of Iran’s Foreign Ministry, Imam Khomeini’s Relief Committee and the Iranian Red Crescent Society will accompany the lawmakers in their two-day visit, which is scheduled to start on January 9, deputy chairman of the Majlis Committee on National Security and Foreign Policy Mansour Haqiqatpour said on Thursday.

He added that Iran has recently dispatched the first consignment of humanitarian relief aid to Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar and noted that the second batch of aid would be sent to the country within the next days.

Some 800,000 Rohingyas are deprived of citizenship rights and suffer from a policy of discrimination that has denied them the right of naturalization and made them vulnerable to acts of violence and persecution, expulsion and displacement.

On December 25, the United Nations General Assembly issued a resolution expressing concern over the persecution of Muslims in Myanmar. The resolution called on Myanmar’s government to “protect all their (the Muslims’) human rights, including their right to a nationality.”

Watch for it!  The US refugee contractors will soon be clamoring for their share of Rohingya.  They already are!  The US Conference of Catholic Bishops lobbied the State Department for more Rohingya to come to the US, here last May.

* Silly me, I forgot Saudi Arabia imprisons Rohingya who have gotten in there.

Iran and the OIC double-teaming Burma on Rohingya issue

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation and the government of Iran both plan to send delegations to Burma (Myanmar) to give that Buddhist country a tongue-lashing about their alleged mistreatment of the Rohingya minority there.  (Remember the monks!)

Here is the story about the OIC delegation.  And, here, Iran gets into the action to defend what they call the most persecuted minority on the planet.   This is all to advance the Muslims-are-victims meme from this bunch.

The latest round of violence in Burma began early last summer when Muslim men raped and murdered a Buddhist girl (no one wants to remember that!).

And, as I pointed out here just last Saturday there seems to be no interest in bashing MUSLIM Bangladesh for its treatment of Rohingya.  If the rich Islamists of the OIC wanted to really help the Rohingya they would be pouring money into the refugee camps in Bangladesh!

One side benefit for the Islamists in beating this drum is that the clamor to resettle Rohingya in the West (especially the United States) will increase thus advancing the Islamic Doctrine of Immigration!

To learn more about the Rohingya issue, visit our Rohingya Reports category, here.  This is the 129th post in that archive.  Anyone want to write a book? Your research has been started for you!