Eastern European leaders say "NO" to Muslim mass migration/colonization

More ‘Invasion of Europe’ news….
Merkel might be going mad, but European leaders in Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Bulgaria and the Czech Republic see clearly that Europe is now, right now!, on the edge of being colonized and turned forever into a Muslim-dominated continent.
From the Inquisitor (bracing for the Islamic tide):

“If we make a mistake now, it will be forever!” Viktor Orban, Hungarian Prime Minister

In rejecting the E.U. plan apportioning refugees to member countries under a quota system, Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban described such a move as “mad and unfair.” According to Irish Times, he recently delivered the following warning to his E.U. counterparts.

“A modern mass migration could take place of millions, even tens of millions, and even hundreds of millions. There is no way back from a multicultural Europe. Neither to a Christian Europe, nor to a world of national cultures. If we make a mistake now, it will be forever.”

Hungary’s E.U. neighbor Slovakia has also been hard-pressed to stem the tide of asylum seekers. Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico, in addressing the problem earlier this year, was more specific about the Islamic component to the problem. Irish Times quoted him as follows.

“Since Slovakia is a Christian country, we cannot tolerate an influx of three hundred thousand to four hundred thousand Muslim immigrants who would like to start building mosques all over our land and trying to change the nature, culture and values of the state.”

The Czech Republic, Bulgaria, and Poland have likewise been resistant to the idea of accepting more Islamic refugees from the Middle East.

Fox News recently described the U.N. solicitation of host countries to admit refugees from war-torn Middle East and Africa over the next five years as providing a shield for jihadists riding the waves of migrants to Europe. Once absorbed and assimilated by their host country, the Islamic State followers embedded among the refugees would be free to obtain a visa, travel, and carry out their mission of terror.

The article wraps up by reporting that Dutch Parliamentarian Geert Wilders says Europe must turn back the boats as Australia has done.  If only European leaders had followed Tony Abbott’s advice back in April, if only…..
For more on the ‘Invasion of Europe’ which we have been following for a long time, go here.  Some in the West are finally beginning to understand that the future of Western Civilization is being determined right now.

Mark Steyn: the choice is liberty or mass Muslim immigration

Thanks to Infidel Bloggers Alliance for highlighting an important column by Mark Steyn (author of “America Alone”) in which Steyn makes clear what we already know.

Steyn: “You have to choose between liberty and mass Muslim immigration.”

At the end of Steyn’s “Morning After” column (morning after the Islam-inspired terror attack in Copenhagen).  Emphasis is mine:

I said above that waiting inside multiculturalism’s Trojan horse was Islam. Not “Islamism”, or “radical Islam”, or “extremist Islam”, or “violent extremism” or “extremist radicalism” or “radicalist violentism” or anything else: just Islam. As I wrote yesterday:

This is usually the point at which we’re expected to do the not-all-Muslims-want-to-shoot-you-dead shtick. And that’s true. But Islam itself has no feeling whatsoever for the spirit of free speech.

The more Islamic a society gets, the less free speech it has – the less intellectual inquiry, artistic achievement, contrarian spirit. Most western Muslims are not willing themselves to open fire on synagogues or Lars Vilks, but they help maintain the shriveled definition of acceptable expression that helps license the fanatics of Copenhagen and Paris. Muslims in Europe, North America and Australia will pay lip service to “free speech”, and then promptly re-define it as excluding speech that “blasphemes” or “insults” their faith – which is to say them. Which is to say the great vulgar, brawling, free-for-all of free societies does not apply to them. So, when, say, France’s Muslim population reaches 20 per cent, you will need to have the support of three-quarters of the remaining 80 per cent to maintain even a bare popular majority in favor of free speech.

Is that likely? Or will there be more and more non-Muslims like the wretched quisling Welsh bishop, the Right Reverend Gregory Cameron, frantically arguing that if you hadn’t been so “offensive” you wouldn’t have caught their eye? Islam and free speech are, as His Miserable Grace implicitly recognizes, incompatible. And ultimately, therefore, you have to choose between liberty and mass Muslim immigration.

The reaction of David Cameron and Helle Thorning-Schmidt suggests they have made their choice. I think, somewhere deep down, they know it’s a recipe for slow societal suicide. And I wonder if, even deeper down, they also know that it won’t be that slow.

By the way, Obama’s (hug a Muslim) speech yesterday tells us that the man is in dreamland—that somehow the US is going to simply ‘melt’ all of our Muslim immigrants in some giant magical melting pot and we will all live happily ever after.

As a secularist, Obama has no understanding of the Islamic imperative that drives the ‘religion’ and is simply naive, or he is complicit in advancing the Islamic agenda in America.  Which is it?

New readers:  Please read ‘Modern Day Trojan Horse: Al-Hijra, the Islamic Doctrine of Immigration, Accepting Freedom or Imposing Islam?’   Get it here.

Analyst: Europe unprepared for potential large scale exodus from Egypt

Writing at World Review, economic analyst Bernard Siman asks whether Europe could handle a new wave of “refugees” escaping Egypt this time.

Greece and Cyprus are the closest European countries to Egypt in Africa.

There has been little, if any, public discussion of possible scenarios, let alone serious crisis planning, whether politically, economically, administratively or militarily.

This is potentially a huge scale multi-dimensional problem.

Egypt’s 82.5 million population is separated from the Schengen area’s most eastern point of entry at Cyprus by 500 kilometres of Mediterranean Sea.

Any mass population movement fleeing Egypt’s violence – and in extremis civil war – will potentially be a game-changer at a time of serious and combined financial and economic crisis across Europe.

Austerity, deep financial cuts, widespread and vocal populist discontent about multiculturalism and immigration are affecting the eurozone and Cyprus and Greece in particular – the two Schengen members closest to the north Egyptian coast.

It is hard to say whether any naval crisis-planning exists to deal with such a sudden mass influx of Egyptian boat-people in the eastern Mediterranean.

Civil War in Egypt?

Egypt is descending into prolonged instability at best and civil war at worst. Both are likely to lead to increased migration through normal individual arrangements or mass exits.

The impact will not just be Europe’s to suffer….

See all of our posts on Malta (and Italy) going back almost 6 years and the problems they face with migrants arriving from Libya to get an idea of what Cyprus and Greece might face.  The US State Department has already set a dangerous precedent by transforming Malta’s illegal alien Africans into refugees being resettled now in your cities.  What is to stop them doing the same for (Muslim Brotherhood???) Egyptians arriving on Cyprus?

More people willing to speak and write negatively about refugees, and mass migration generally

When I started writing Refugee Resettlement Watch nearly six years ago (this is my 4,001st post!), rarely, except at VDARE (and the Center for Immigration Studies occasionally), would anyone utter a word about “refugees” other than in the most reverential tones.  Refugees were the untouchables, but that seems to be changing.  Fear of the collapse of the West due to mass migration is openly being discussed.

Now, the word “refugee” is no longer sacrosanct.   Here Daniel Greenfield last week calls the migration of the third world to the first world what it is—colonization, with no end in sight.   They are coming and are not assimilating (if that’s what you have been counting on!).

The old paradigm that a country has the right to decide who enters it has been decisively overturned in Europe, it’s under siege in such first world countries as America, Canada, Australia and Israel by the creed that says it’s the human rights obligation of every nation to accept every refugee.

Given a chance a sizable portion of the third world would move to the first, a minority because of oppression and a majority because the opportunities and freebies are much better there. Even low ranked first world nations still find themselves swamped with refugees looking to move in.

International law does not assign any priority to a nation’s citizens over any person who happens to stray across the border. At the ground level that means the end of borders and the end of citizenship which is why immigration isn’t just a touchy issue in Arizona, it’s a touchy issue in Sydney, Tel Aviv and Birmingham. You can hardly open a newspaper of the liberal persuasion without being treated to another group of refugees in some troubled part of the world walled up behind fences and trying to get over to London, Sydney or New York.   [Watch for it!  Syrians next?—ed]

This sort of thing can’t be called immigration anymore, it’s a straightforward migration and it has no apparent limits. However many you take in, there will be more waiting and always burdening you with an unsolvable crisis.

Read it all!


Ann Coulter for President! says Peter Brimelow at VDARE

Coulter spoke at CPAC yesterday and probably assured herself a disinvite next year (just as happened to Pamela Geller)* when Coulter declared that she was a one issue voter and would support only candidates opposing amnesty for illegal aliens.

She said with no equivocation that Ted Kennedy’s 1965 mass migration strategy will kill America.  And, remember that was not about illegal aliens already in the US, but opened the doors of America to mass migration from the third world.

Check it out here at VDARE and watch her speech (in my view the most significant CPAC speech this year).

Has she assured her place in Grover’s ‘war on loud bullfrogs’ enemies list?   You betcha!

*Update!  Funny! Breitbart.com organized a panel for the un-invited including Geller and Robert Spencer—watch Spencer finger Suhail Khan and Grover Norquist!